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Trading on BSE

Stock trading is becoming ever more attractive investment alternative for entrepreneurs wich poses self confidence and knowledge. The Bulgarian public companies are listed on BSE-Sofia.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Initial public offering (IPO - Initial Public Offering) is listing (issue) of the first issue of ordinary shares of a company on the stock market. The most important goal of the IPO- is to raise additional equity for the enterprise.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The corporate mergers / acquisitions are mostly multistage and complex process. The Analysis and preparation of the merger / acquisition are critical and must ensure the correct evaluation of the economic benefits.

Investment advice

Consultations and evaluations of companies. Depending on the specifics of your business and the specific characteristics of the situation, we will develop the necessary analysis in your direction - based on theory and established global models.

Auction offering

The auction offering is mandatory and optional according to size of the holding of the majority of the shareholder. An offer is send to the other shareholders with a fixed peice and a fixed time frame for acceptance, which is approved by the Financial Supervision Commission

Registration agency

Inheritance of securities, duplicate issue of a share certificate. "Varchev Finance" is a licensed registered agent, which performs procedures for establishing and transferring ownership of securities.

Our philosophy

The most renowned and successful financial institutions in the world bear the names of their creators. As a promise of transparency and personal commitment to investors. As guarantee for the pursuit of the best possible and secure management of personal and corporate capital.

Everyone is entitled to a better life. Our goal is to make your life more fortunate. In the complex and dynamic world of financial markets, the opportunities are so great as the obstacles. We overcome them and move forward. Always looking for new prospects. Money secures a better life. Let your life better.

Varchev Brokers Inside

Be one of the brokers of "Varchev Finance" Ltd. by viewing photos of our office and promotional videos. Download our proposals for screensaver and wallpaper!