Economic calendar for today’s EU and US sessions

We have a busy day ahead of us in terms of publishing important macro data and events, and during the European session attention will be focused on Germany’s trade balance data, as well as the ZEW Economic Sentiment indicator, whose growth has slowed over the past 6 months. , as traders will follow the speeches of Lagarde – ECB and Bailey – BoE, looking for guidance on the prospects for monetary policy of the EU and the UK.

During the US session, the focus will be on US PPI data, which provides information on inflation, which is closely monitored by the Fed, and immediately after the publication of the report Jerome Powell will make a statement that could provide more clues as to the interpretation of published data from the Fed and the schedule for raising interest rates.

The API report on weekly crude oil inventories will be published by the end of the US session, and this data will also be crucial, taking into account the US intention to take action against high oil prices, as one of the mentioned from officials options is the release of part of the country’s strategic reserves.

09:00 – Germany – Trade Balance

09:45 – Eurozone – ECB speech by Panetta

12:00 – Germany – ZEW Economic Sentment

12:00 – Eurozone – ZEW Economic Sentment

15:00 – Eurozone – ECB speech by Lagarde

15:30 – USA – PPI

16:00 – USA – Powell speech – FED

18:00 – UK – Boiley’s BoE speech

19:00 – USA – EIA Short-Term Energy Outlook

20:00 – USA – U.S. 10-Year Note Auction

10:30 pm – USA – Weekly Crude Oil Stock API

 Junior Trader Nikolay Stoychev


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