Germany responds to US sanctions

German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that US sanctions for European cars would be “much more serious” than steel and aluminum charges.

Faced with the threat of Trump, German and French officials are planning to meet next week in Paris to coordinate their strategy.

In June, Trump threatened to impose a 20 percent tariff on imported cars from Europe, previously imposing sanctions on European steel and aluminum. Also, Donald Trump warned European companies that they would receive additional sanctions if they violated US restrictions on conducting business practices with Tehran after Washington stepped out of the Iranian nuclear deal.

Merkel, together with China, are preparing to oppose Trump’s commercial policy. EU leaders warned last week that the EU would respond to all US tariffs on European production.

Europe strikes back: contrasts on US car imports

European Commission President Jean-Claude Junckler plans to meet with Trump in Washington in July to “present the European perspective”, though “he is not sure we will reach an agreement.”

In his speech Merkel said he still does not want to talk about a trade war.

Source: Bloomberg

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