10 countries with the largest gold reserves

For some gold is overvalued. For most, however, this yellow metal has a very specific value. Although currency no longer supported directly by gold, it serves to stabilize the world economy. The precious metal is forming part of most foreign exchange reserves as a larger percentage than the reserve currency for some countries. Here are the countries with the largest gold reserves in the world.

10) India – India is one of the countries which currently holds about 557.7 tons of gold, or about 10% of the total reserves of the country.

9) Netherlands – Over the last decade, the Netherlands has sold out several tons of gold to reduce the reserve. Netherlands holds about 52% of its reserves in gold – 612.5 tons ore.

8) Japan – small but powerful nation of Japan constantly increasing their gold reserves since the 1960s. In 2011, however, the country began to sell a certain amount of this reserve, in order to reassure investors and to stimulate the economy after the tsunami and nuclear disaster in Fukushima. Gold reserves are about 2 100 of the total reserve, which is 765.2 tons of gold.

7) Russia – Russia is the fourth country with the largest gold mining in the world, thus it builds up its gold reserves. In 2012 the country has acquired 75 tons and the total reserve, which maintains a 970 tons.

6) Switzerland – By 1997, Switzerland did not stop to increase gold reserves, but then it was decided to sell, leading to the reserve of the country to 1.047 tons, or 8% of the total reserve.

5) China – The country’s largest gold mining in the world, currently has a reserve of 1,054.1 tons

4) France – France is the first country which has more than 2000 tons of gold in reserve, the precise kolichetstvo is 2 435.4 tons. Recently, however, France sold 500 tons of gold.

3) Italy – Gold reserves of Italy about 65% of the total reserves of the country or 2 451.8 tons

2) Germany – As the second largest holder of gold reserves in the world, Germany sells precious metal in small quantities in recent years. However, the country has recently announced its intention to launch a program for the purchase of gold reserves in Paris and New York. The total amount is currently 3 390.6 tons, up 66% from the reserve of the country.

1) USA – It is no surprise that the US – the third largest producer of precious metal in the world’s largest holder of gold reserves in the world. The percentage of gold reserves in the country is 70%, that is 8 133.5 tons since the beginning of this century the amount decreased compared to dastichno owned 20,000 tons at the end of the last century.

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