10 unusual things you can buy from the Apple Store

If you will have a way to the Apple Store, it is likely to buy a new iPhone. Fix your Mac or buy a new case or charger for the phone.

And despite the well-known reputation of the store just for such goods and services, in fact an Apple Store offers a fair amount of different gadgets and accessories even from other companies. These include things like smart toothbrushes and touchscreens that will help you get the best out of yourself while playing tennis.

Here are the ten surprising gadgets you can buy from the Apple Store.

A smart toothbrush that teaches you how to wash them better

Colgate’s brush costs $ 100 and uses artificial intelligence to collect data from your washing habits that evaporates to your iPhone or iPad. The sensors inside the brush detect the position and orientation and make recommendations for improving your hygiene habits through Colgate application.

Coffee cup with temperature control

If you can not find the right temperature for your morning coffee, try Emeber’s smart glass. It stacks $ 80 and lets you set the desired coffee temperature through Apple Watch or iPhone, as well as monitor your caffeine consumption.

A helmet for a wheel that communicates with Apple Watch

Need a new wheel helmet? Apple Store has a solution for you. The Lumos helmet, which costs $ 180. It integrates uniquely with Apple Watch through the Lumos application. It detects when you make a turn-by-turn signal and activate the corresponding lights on the helmet. Of course, your activity constantly merges with Apple Health.

A jumping rope counting your jumps

The $ 50 Tangram’s smart rope has magnet sensors that count down your jump and mark the results of your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Sensor for your tennis racket that analyzes your swing

Zepp’s tennis analyzer costs $ 100 and monitors your performance by measuring several dimensions, such as the type of stroke, the speed of the ball and its spin. The sensor comes with a special attachment mechanism for your rocket.

A device that monitors the quality of air in your home

If you want to keep air quality accountable in your home, Apple sells the Eve Room Indoor Air Quality Monitor for $ 10. The device works with your iPhone or iPad and displays information such as organic ingredients in the air, temperature and humidity, and compares with past air conditions by hours, days, weeks, months and years.

Wireless device for measuring blood pressure

Withings BPM Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor can be purchased from the Apple Store for $ 100 by connecting to the Heath Mate appliance on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The device is approved by the FDA and generates cross-sectional graphs for your blood pressure and feedback is the pressure.

A device you can wear to improve your posture

Are you sitting too far in front of the desk? Apple sells Upright Go for $ 80. This is a small device that you can carry on your back to improve the stand. The device communicates with an iOS application that creates an exercise program to improve your stand.

A smart scale that shows your body fat level and water level relative to your weight

For those who lead a healthier life and keep a close eye on their body, Apple has a product for them. For $ 100, you can buy With Body Body + Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale. The device sends information about your health and liveliness, not just about your weight. The scale shows a lot of statistics designed to let you know what’s going on with your body as much as possible: the whole body fat level, the water level, and bone and muscle mass. Of course, the widget also works with Health App and Apple Watch.

Source: Business Insider

Photo: Flickr

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