5 Japanese candlesticks formations that work in more than 70% of the time

Japanese candlesticks formations are one of the strongest criteria for traders to open positions. Here are the five formations that have more than 70% probability of execution in the latest market conditions /Probability has been tested on the D1 time frame using software on historical data and these formations have given the highest rate of performance/.

1.Three line strike – it is formed after a downward movement and a series of bearish bars, as the last three bear bars being engulfed by a bullish one. The bullish bar should close above the opening price of the first bearish bar. The calculations show that the formation is successful in 82% of the cases.


2. Two black gapping – The formation consists of 2 bear candles, which have been formed consecutively after gap and have two lower bottoms. The probability of the formation is 76%.


3. Three black crows – a popular formation of three bearish bars with 74% success rate.


4. Evening star – a gap after a bullish bar followed by a small one and a gap in downward direction afterward. This one has 72% chance for success.


5. Abandoned baby – the opposite of Evening Star, with 71% probability.


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