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Варчев Финанс

Varchev Finance Ltd is a company named to his founder and manager - B.Varchev.

Some of the most stable and successful financial institutions in the world are named to their founders. This is a promise of transparency and personal commitment to their customers, as a garancy for the most honorable and honest attitude to customers.

We are a client focused company

We follow the idea that taking care of your clients is taking care of the business. We are sure that the constant care for our clients will lead us to strong financial results. Our profit is not an end in itself. We believe that focusing on our clients needs and the ways in which we can satisfy their wishes is the right path to a fair financial gain. Furthermore, taking care of our clients is gives us pleasure. This pleasure comes from the service process itself. We are happy when our clients are happy. We are always happy to see our clients. If they return, it means that we have succeeded in our task. This is why tending to our clients is a long and constant process. This requires constant focus and foresight in order to keep our customers satisfied. We are sure that the only way to beat the competition and survive is to satisfy our customers desires exceptionally well.

We are an ambitious company.

We have the ambition to be among the best in what we do. Do different things - in finance, developed investment banking, in services exchange financial instruments in the field of trade trade with real estate, own a different business elite coffee and so.What unites these different types of activities - ambition, perfectionism, love to detail, willingness to provide the customer the best possible product, the desire to serve customers in the best way available anywhere in the world.These are not words designed to impress, it is not demagogy, it is a dream that materializes over time. It gives meaning to our days. Success or failure of this make us happy or unhappy.

We are an intelligent company.

Our employees are smart and well educated. They use their intelligence, flexible mind, business acumen, quick thinking, decision-making and knowledge for the development of the company and the high standards to which we aspire to and treat our clients.

We are a specialised company.

It can seem to you that we deal in quite unrelated areas, but if you take a closer look you will see that all of them have to do with Finance. Each one of our undertakings has been bred from the desire to offer the widest spectrum of financial services, including cigars and a business cafe. Because we are specialised, we are staying in the field in which we are the best at offering financial services.

We are a company of talents.

The skills and talents of our employees are essential to the companys success. The skills of everyone are the reason why, they are work here. We want 100% devotion from our employees and the ones who stay with us are exactly such people. Everybody is different and everyone can do something better than the others. We reward talent fairly here, so that our employees can have the high self esteem needed and to be proud of themselves, their achievements and the company.

We are a progressive company.

Top notch technology in the area of finance is of the utmost importance. The high standards in communications and HR are carried according to the highest standards in the industry and are part of our daily doings

We are a team.

Teamwork is fundamental to us. We know that no one can accomplish Sisyphus task alone, but we can do it as a team. A team can overcome every obstacle. Helping each other within the workplace is at the core for the success of each project. We cherish the talent and abilities of each individual, but together we accomplish the highest results and performance. This is why the team is placed on a pedestal here. Our workplace is a home for each one of us. Egoism is a quality we value, because it gives the person his individuality, but when it is applied within the team, the results are astonishing.

We are a company of people.

To be humane is probably the first requirement in order to be included in our team. Friendship within the company is not obligatory, but it is an advantage. The help each employee receives within the team leads to higher results and better productivity. The interchangeability within our employees makes us flexible and helps us quickly overcome problematic situations.

We are dedicated.

We are dedicated to our work, to our business, to our clients and prosperity. All of our actions stem from this idea. To be dedicated to your job is a pleasure, which gives meaning to your days. It is important that when you wake up you know what you want and you go to work with a smile. We do it. We know where we are going to be tomorrow, we know what we are going to do tomorrow.