Carl Icahn: The real value of Apple’s $ 216 per share

Karl Icahn believes that actually Apple’s price is around $ 216 per share, which he himself wrote on his site, which is $ 92 more than the current share price of the company. If you do the calculation, it will be clear that $ 216 per share, the entire market capitalization of the company will be around 1.3 trillion dollars or as gross domestic product of South Korea. Icahn has poured bullish against Apple. In his last post, he predicted about $ 9.70 profit per share of the company in 2015, as its share in the amount of 53 million shares or 6.5 billion dollars by the manufacturer on the iPhone.

“In 2013, when Apple was trading at $ 66.77 per share, we reported that the shares are undervalued and expect a drastic increase in the next few years … Well, as you can see in a year and a half shares are more than 100% increase, and in the longer term, we probably expect the same “share investor in his post. He continued that according to him, the shares have the potential to increase by at least 84% in the near future.

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