Continuing appreciation of the USD and indexes, looking for good levels to buy

EURUSD The movement of the pair remains downward, as the dollar was supported by better data in the US last week and news from the Federal Reserve, which removed important phrase “indefinitely” on interest rates, which increased speculation that the increase in the basic interest rate is near. In Europe, for now keep quantitative easing, but analysts believe that soon they will become a reality.

GBPUSD pair is moving in the range, it is possible to appreciate pounds before tomorrow’s data on gross domestic product in the UK. Good data from last week in the UK can Dadon extra boost to GBP, but the dollar remains supported by the statement of the Federal Reserve and the possibilities for an early interest rate rise. In the US today expected results for the sale of homes, which can affect the couple.

US indices continue to be supported by better data in the US, Dow Jones made its strongest week of 3 years. Expectations for an increase before Christmas begin to justify and possibly by the end of the year to see the price of over 18,000 points. For now, however, remain on hand as possible take profit. The positive end of the session on Friday gave further impetus at the beginning of this week, the S & P 500 also rose 3.4%

European indexes follow the movements of the US and also continue in a positive direction. Strong market closing on Friday may support Dax 30 and is expected to launch with an increase this week.

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