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Professional Trading Courses


Starting date Course Type Course place Registration up to: Status
13.01.2017 HUNGRY WOLVES Juniors
Training program for education and workplace as a professional financial trader
Varna10.01.2017Finished registration
26.09.2016 Wolves 2
Interactive Online
program - pro traders
Online26.09.2016Finished registration
12.09.2016 Wolves 2
Interactive Online
program - begginers
Online12.09.2016Finished registration
02.11.2015Full Professional TraderSofia02.11.2015Finished registration
28.09.2015Full Professional TraderVarna28.09.2015Finished registration
08.06.2015Full Professional TraderSofia07.06.2015Finished registration
18.05.2015Full Professional TraderVarna14.05.2015Finished registration
23.03.2015Full Professional TraderSofia21.03.2015Finished registration
05.03.2015Full Professional TraderVarna04.03.2015Finished registration
19.12.2014Professional TraderSofia18.12.2014Finished registration
10.12.2014Full Professional TraderVarna11.12.2014Finished registration
07.12.2014Active TraderSofia06.12.2014Finished registration
02.11.2014Active TraderSofia01.11.2014Finished registration

Active Trader

Course Length: 6 hours
in 2 consecutive days

The aim of the two-day training course is to prepare traders to trade confidently, professionally and responsibly. The course is for traders who have some experience in trading but are not feeling confident enough in their results and strategies. Two consecutive points may be chosen from the full plan of choice. The course is also suitable for beginners who want to learn about some basic techniques and skills in order to understand the correct approach to the market, giving them a good start in their analysis and position execution.

Professional Trader

Course Length: 15 hours
for 5 consecutive days

The course includes 5 key points from the fundamental plan. You will gain all the fundamental knowledge and you will approach appropriately and with good understanding, the capital markets. The aim of the course is to acquire the necessary foundation on which you will then build up your strategy in order to become a successful trader.

Full Professional Trader

Course Length: 30 hours
in 10 working days

The two week course includes all points of the full training plan, which involves the studying and skillful application in real conditions of the whole theory needed for successful trading. The main goal of the course is to introduce you and teach you how to use proven strategies, tactics and techniques of trading. We will teach you how to create your own trading style, consistent with your personal style and temperament, and also how to make and follow your personal system of trading.