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Withdraw and Deposit



• Online:

• Bank Transfer

• In cash at the offices of Varchev Finance

Raiffeisen Wire Transfer (банков трансфер) UniCredit Wire Transfer (банков трансфер) UBB Wire Transfer (банков трансфер) FIB Wire Transfer (банков трансфер)
By credit or debit cards

All fund transfers/withdraws from Varchev Finance to its clients will be made back
to where the funds originated from, when first transferred originally to Varchev Finance.

* Fees for interbank transfers and other charges if applicable, shall be charged by the customer.

Customer account is credited immediately after confirmation of transfer.

Cash in hand, you can bring in any of our offices in Sofia and Varna every working day between 09:00 a.m. and 06:00 p.m. at:

Sofia - “Tzar Samuil” street N1 on the corner of Patriarch Euthymius

Varna - “Vladislav Varnenchik” bulevard 186, Floor: 4, office: 4.035


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