Euro with a decrease in the Asian session, AUD and JPY rose

The yen rose against most major currencies in the Asian session for a second day, after a drop of oil. She rose to the highest levels of nearly 2 months against the euro amid crisis with Greece, which affects the cella Eurozone. The Japanese currency added 0.2 percent to 119.40 per dollar, after rising by 0.7% in yesterday’s session. The euro against the yen rose 0.1% from 142.57 to 142.28, which is the strongest level since November onwards.

For euro sentiment remains negative, after strengthening speculation for preparing quantitative relief by Mario Draghi and company. According to analysts at the next meeting of the European Central Bank, which will be on January 22, it will become clear whether it will start buying government bonds to reinforce the desired inflation to 2%. Also in Greece, studies suggest that anti-European party will win the elections, which could lead to the departure of the eurozone countries. The euro traded at a price of 1.1941, which is a decrease of 0.6%

Australian currency rose against most of the world currencies in today’s early session after better data today for the trade deficit (-925M.AUD) after forecasts were for an increase to -1.6 trillion AUD Avstraliskiya dollar rose against the dollar to 81.13 cents yesterday after he fell to 80.35 cents, which was the lowest level since July 2009 onwards.

Last month, Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen signaled that the central bank is getting closer to a rise in interest rates for the first time since 2006, after economic data showed more than 200 000 jobs for 11 consecutive months, also gross domestic product, which marked an increase of 5% this is in support of the dollar and semtimenta remains for the greenback remains positive.

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