Even algo’s can’t deal with Brexit

If you are tired of trading the pounds at this point, you are not the only one. Even on their computers they came in more. Reuters has published an interesting survey claiming that algorithmic traders who read news can not handle the huge volume of Brexit titles. For those who are not familiar, news algo traders are part of a wider penetration of the machines that replace people on trading exchanges. The logic here is that costs are reduced and speed is increased. The problem, however, is that Brexit creates too much noise and headlines. Reuters publishes over 400 articles on Brexit a day in recent weeks. Bloomberg apparently adds to this content by publishing the incredible 1,000 articles related to Brexit during some of those days.

Additionally, the complexity of Parliament also does not help the algae. The calming thing here is that even computers seem to be unable to cope with the bureaucracy in Westminster. There are no official data on the number of active algo traders, but Reuters claims that about 10% of the volume of currency trading is happening by robots. However, for Brexit it seems they are off.

So, with the excluded computers and some funds that stopped trading the pounds, the sterling is currently experiencing a low-volume trading environment. Looking at the daily chart, there is an expectation of material information to indicate the direction (I mean a real movement, not 50 touches and then returning). Sterling volumes for February were about $ 65 billion, and this is 35% lower than volumes before the 2016 referendum.

All this shows that more and more people (and machines) stay on the side and wait for Brexit to be resolved – one way or another. The best strategy seems to be to wait for a clear direction and then join. Of course, if you can grasp the direction as early as possible, the better. Do not ignore titles yet. Naturally, if you are not a robot and have not excluded you yet.

Picture: pixabay.com

 Trader Aleksandar Kumanov

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