Fed report will be the main event next week

01:50 Japan – Industrial indices Tankan
16:15 USA – Insdustrialno production

02:30 Australia – Minutes of the Australian Central Bank
09:00 UK – Results of stress tests of banks in the UK
11:30 UK – Consumer Price Index
12:00 Germany – ZEW index of economic sentiment
12:30 UK – Statement by Carne BoE

11:30 UK Voting interest rates BoE
12:00 Eurozone – Consumer Price Index
15:30 US – Consumer Price Index
20:00 Report on the monetary policy of the Fed
21:00 Fed decision on interest rates
23:45 New Zealand – GDP

02:30 Australia – Report of the Reserve Bank of Australia
03:30 China – Index of housing prices
10:00 Germany – IFO index
11:30 UK: Retail Sales
15:30 US – Weekly applications for unemployment benefits
16:45 US – PMI index for services

07:00 Japan – Press conference of the Bank of Japan
09:00 Germany – Consumer confidence
15:30 Canada – Consumer Price Index
18:00 US – manufacturing PMI index Fed Kansas

The week before Christmas, will be very interesting and rich releases.

Monday: The beginning of the week will be quiet and without much important news. In early Asian session important news will come from Japan (tank production index). Are expected to maintain the values of 13. There may be no volatility in the market.
During the European session on news of Swiss production and import prices. At 13:00 the data of industrial orders in the UK where we expect a decline of 3 to -5, but this is hardly releases will affect the British pound.
US session will not be “rich” of fundamental news. Our attention will be directed to the United States in 16:15 and industrial production. Are expected to rise from -0.1% to 0.7%. Possible rise in the dollar, but movement is instantaneous.

Tuesday: Day will be very interesting and full fundamental news. We begin with a meeting of the Australian Central Bank at 2:30. It is assumed that this event will discuss the situation of the Australian dollar and its decline. Immediately afterwards, in 3:45 News from China PMI index in manufacturing (expectations are for a very small change from 50.0 to 49.8)
During the European session will be quite interesting. Start with stress tests of banks in the UK. If you do not pass this test it is possible to see a drop in pounds. At 10:00 News and eurozone PMI index in the manufacturing and services. Meanwhile PMI index in the production of Germany (expect a slight change from 49.5 to 50.4) and PMI index in the manufacturing of France (expectations of 48.4 to 48.7). It is possible to have volatility in both directions, so you need to trade very reasonable. 11:30 important news and UK CPI. We expect a slight decline from 0.1% to 0.0%. For larger gaps may see volatility after Release. at 12:00 ZEW economic expectations in the euro area and in particular Germany. Presumably, that will have a large volatility in the euro after the release of the news.
US session began with news from Canada and supply industry. Expectations are for a decline of 2.1% to -0.4%. Release after volatility in both directions in the Canadian dollar. At 15:30 and important news from the States for permits to build new homes.

Wednesday: Perhaps the most interesting day of the week will be Wednesday. Starting with Japan and trade balance in 01:50 (previous value: -710.0B; expectations -1007.2B). Do not expect high volatility during and after the news.
European session begins with a statement of the Bank of England and the level of unemployment in the country, which is expected to fall from 6.0% to 5.9%.
Perhaps the most interesting session will be in the US today. We start with Kanda and wholesale. Expectations are for a decline of 1.8% to 0.9%. At 15:30 the news from the US will be on the consumer price index. It is possible to have volatility in the US dollar after Release. Are expected to decline from 0.0% to -0.1%. At 21:00 extremely important news – meeting FOMK and the ability to change interest rates. Expectations, according to experts is no such (0.25%). Will be closely monitored and the statement of expected the Fed to “suggest” when they intend to lower interest rates. It is possible to expect high volatility during news and then. Trade carefully and wisely.

Thursday: Day will begin with news about Japan buying foreign bonds.
During the European session we will have more news. At 9:00 the Swiss trade balance, then immediately at 11:00 IFO business in Germany. Are expected to increase from 104.7 to 105.6. You may not see high volatility in the euro. 11:30 retail sales in the UK. There may be a decline of 0.8% to 0.3%. Volatility in pounds will soon Release.
American session also will offer us a lot of news. At 15:30 applications for unemployment benefits and a possible rise of 294K to 297K. We will not see high volatility in the US dollar. At 17:00 the data from ideksa Federal Reserve in Philadelphia. Possible is a big drop from 40.8 to 26.3 and volatility in the dollar.

Friday Asian session began with news from Australia at 02:00 and business confidence in the country. The previous value was 31.5%. There may be no greater volatility in the Australian dollar during and after the news.
During the European session we have important news for the eurozone. At the 9:00 news for index tsenitene producers in Germany. Expected no change and values to keep (-0.2%). In case you have volatility in the euro. At 11:00 balance of payments for the euro area (27.8B expected, previous value 30.0B)
In the US session the eyes of investors will be directed mainly to Canada and the fundamental news for the consumer price index (expected – 0.1%, the previous value 0.1) and retail sales without cars. We expect volatility in the Canadian dollar in both directions after Release.

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