Focus today: PMI in the UK and the US ISM index

The most important news today coming from UK, where data are expected PMI index in the services sector, and the report by the Bank of England. In the US, investors will monitor the results of the ISM index for services.

European session begins with the release is from France at 09:45 on consumer confidence, with projections of 88 points compared to 87 for the previous period. At 10:45 we expect PMI index for services from Italy, and analysts believe it will keep its level of 51.8. In Germany, from 10:55 also expected results for PMI infeksa in services, and changes are not expected, as the data for the period showed 51.4 points. 5 minutes later will come and final PMI data in services to the entire euro area and are expected to 51.9 points. While changing the likely impacts on the Euro crosses.

At 11:30 UK expected results for the level of PMI index in the services sector, and are expected to decrease slightly to 58.5 against 58.6 in the previous period. At the same time will come and until of BoA credit conditions. It is possible to enhance volatility and depending on the data impact on pounds.

American session begins with results from Canada at 15:30 the index of commodity prices. Forecast to fall to -4.7% compared to -4.3% for the previous reporting period. At the same time expected data on the price index of industrial production, and is expected to drop to -0.7% compared to -0.5% for the previous period. If expectations justify possible to see a decrease in Canadian currency.

At 16:45 will become clear PMI index for services from the US, which is projected to increase to 53.8 to 53.6 points in arrears. At 17:00, investors will turn their attention to ISM index for services and is expected to drop to 58.0 points compared to 59.3 for the previous reporting period. At the same time it will become clear and factory orders, as they are expected to increase to -0.4% compared to -0.7% for the previous reporting period. Possible strengthening of volatility after Release and lower dollar if the forecasts come true.

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