Goldman Sachs: Unofficial guide of being a man

We all have seen hundreds of similar guides, but gentlemen at Goldman Sachs present a fresh and thoughtful look at what means to be a man today:

– Always carry cash with you;

– Forget about business casual. No khakis – only suit or jeans;

– Never stay out three days in a row;

– Create a Twitter account – be your own source of information;

– Tip more than you should;

– Get nice glasses. It tells people, especially women, that you appreciate nice little things and are responsible enough not to lose them;

– Do not use your cell phone too often;

– Do not split a check;

– Buy a tuxedo before you are 30 and stay that size;

– Eating alone can be magnificent;

– Do not gamble, if loosing $100 will bother you;

– Time is too short to do your own laundry;

– Do sport every morning;

– Always act like you have been there before, no matter if it is a private jet;

– Cobblers do save your shoes;

– One girlfriend at a time is enough;

– Measure yourself only with your previous self;


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