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Standings - December: 6:30pm

1 142554 270.40%
2 142551 178.80%
3 142535 176.05%
4 142529 142.37%
5 142556 139.20%
6 142534 133.45%
7 142561 97.76%
8 142555 90.36%
9 142526 83.26%
10 142528 75.58%
11 142544 68.09%
12 142527 68.01%
13 142562 51.10%
14 142576 50.06%
15 142565 45.79%

* The ranking is updated at 10:30am, 6:30pm.
** Final standings for the month. October

Participation in the competition is free and need only open a demo account. Permitted use of any trading strategies and automated trading systems. Transactions can be made with all the tools listed in the demo platform Varchev Finance.

There will be awarded the best 3 participants realized highest yield at the end of the month (final return includes results of all open and closed positions ie Field Equity / Current balance in Meta Trader).

Price fund:

     1st place - 1 300 levs
     2nd place -    800 levs
     3th place -    400 levs

Prizes will be charged under existing or newly real accounts of the participants to the 15th of next month, after the announcement of the final standings.

Terms of participation:

  1. The demo contest is open to adults only individuals.
  2. Registrations will be done by opening a demo account during the month. In ranking participate only accounts recorded in the current month.
  3. With an email address can register only one participant.
  4. Each participant may register only one account.
  5. Each participant can have an unlimited number of demo accounts outside participating in the contest demo account. Account participating in the competition is the first registered account of unattended IP address in the current month.All other accounts opened during the month disqualify rankings.
  6. All participants agree and accept these conditions of competition and receive messages, emails and calls from Varchev Finance.

Determination of winner:

  1. Ongoing and final results of the demo contest will be posted on the website of Varchev Finance.
  2. Participants are ranked according to the percentage realized yield as a balance of all open and closed positions.Balance between open and closed positions determines the winner. The winner is the participant realized highest rate of return.
  3. Current results will be updated periodically.
  4. The final ranking will be announced within ten working days after the contest.
  5. With the score prize is divided between the players with the same result.


  1. Prizes will be charged on a real account of the participant. If at the time of awarding one of the winners doesn`t have real account at Varchev Finance - it will be created one real account. Prizes are paid in cash or a bank account.
  2. Participants receive their prizes after identification with their ID card.
  3. Requests to receive the awards are accepted until two months after the contest for the month.After that period the awards are considered for invalid.
  4. Each prize accrued on real account is intended only for trading and can not be drawn in any way.A positive result over the amount of the award may be withdrawn at the discretion of the customer.

Regulation of trade:

  1. Varchev Finance reserves the right at any time, without notice and without explanation, to disqualify any entrant in its sole discretion to refuse or award a prize to the participant who uses manipulative methods of trading as well as a participant provided false data or participant control over one account.
  2. Varchev Finance reserves the right to change the terms or terminate the conduct of the demo competition at any time and without prior notice, the change will be published on the company's website.
  3. Disputes only relevant opinion is Varchev Finance.