How to think like a millionaire

Do not you think that the rich are becoming richer, while the middle class stay in one place? Economic inequality is a hot topic right now, and most people even blame the rich in any unfair neraventsvo. But the truth is that there is no unfair advantages. Everyone has the opportunity to become rich. The biggest obstacle, however, to have any thoughts, beliefs and philosophy for the money.
Here are some secrets about what is the ratio of the money of the rich:

1) A huge focus on revenue

Mass of people focus on how to accumulate money supply and savings. The rich also know that this is important, but they gain is more important. Most people believe that is more important secure and less profit, and the rich are focused on how to use the available to make even more money.

2) Using leverage

In the minds of millionaires the leverage t all. They focus their efforts on the most profitable areas of business, as leverage is what contributes the most important links: contacts, confidence and resources to maximize profit.

3) Rich did not think in linear terms

Mass of people set themselves deadlines for profit. This creates the belief that making money is a linear process directly associated with time, while millionaires believe that only one of which depends on earning money ideas, but good ideas can come at any time.

4) The rich look of money in terms of logic

The rich are able to master their emotions and do not make hasty decisions. The logic is one of the most important qualities for investment.

What, however, is the most important thing for money? Regardless of your level of IQ or your performance in school, which suggest that you will become a millionaire, if you want to become rich just have to stop watching money with fear. In the eyes of freedom, opportunity and ambition to become rich is much more possible.

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