If you want to be a good trader must learn from the best

If you want to be a good trader must learn from the best. Here are some of them:

1. George Soros

Soros is a cultivated plot of LSE (London School of Economics). He broke the record in the financial sector. Achieved profits of $ 1 billion in one day and only a single transaction. It gave him great publicity and became known as “The man who overthrew the Bank of England” after he went into the Trade by 10 billion dollars. Of profits over the years, Soros has donated 7 billion for charity.

2. Bill Lipschutz

Born in New York, he has always been excellent in matematikai excellent student as a whole. He graduated as Bachelor in Fine Arts College at Cornell and later received his MBA in Finance in 1982. Bill gladly read everything that can be better linked to the stock market and forex. According to rumors, while he studied at Cornell, he has invested 12,000 dollars in shares that are profitable and had gone back profit of $ 250,000, and only two months, mostly due to his extensive knowledge of the financial market . Soon, of course he loses all his money from shares and opts for a more stable form of taruviya, namely forex.

Today Bill is well-known currency trader in the financial sector, and according to some analysts had managed to win more than $ 300 million for a single year only from trading in the Forex market.

3. John Taylor

John Taylor is a graduate of Princeton University. He started his career in the financial sector as a political analyst at Chemical Bank. Only a year later he became a currency analyst for the bank, which gives a great opportunity to make a fortune in forex. John is the owner of FX Concepts, which is a company managing the currency and the development of models for e-commerce.

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