Jim Rogers for fear of the market, agricultures, and why we need to have physical gold

Jim is a legendary investor with a big contribution to the world of finance and the author of one of the greatest bestselling companies with which he has achieved the Guinness World Record. So when Jim talks, intelligent investors listen. In this article, we’ll look at Rogers exact views of market fear, when to buy gold, and which sectors he pays.

Jim Roger for fear in the market
Jim Roger thinks that young people under the age of 35 can make very serious profits because of their fearless work. “When things are going well, we all need to be 26. There is nothing better than a 26-year-old trader during a bullish market, especially during a bubble, because these young people are fearless.” According to young investors, the bullish market will never end. At the moment of being 26 is great, but during a storm, when things are not going well, the older ones on the market have to take the helm because fearlessness can be very dangerous. As Jim says, most of those under the age of 35 do not know why they’ve earned money and do not know why they’re losing money. “The most dangerous time is when you have had great success because you really think you are smart, right then you have to close the windows, go to the beach or do something to get out.
In short, during precarious times, sometimes the best thing to do is nothing.

Why farming cultures need to be in focus
According to most investors, markets are predictable. The stock market rises and falls over time, and for many investors it is very tempting to think that what’s up is going to go on and what’s going down will go down. This is called addiction to the status quo and one of the most dangerous emotions in investing. One sector that has long been a bear is agriculture. It has fallen by about 30% over the past two decades, but Roger says that what goes up has to go down (and vice versa). According to Roger, the best time to invest is when things are “worst”. This is because stocks are cheap when the market confidence is low. And as markets are moving in cycles, these cheap stocks will sooner or later increase their value.

Everyone must have gold
Jim is a long-time holder of physical gold, and he believes everyone should hold gold – “at least as an insurance policy.” “Everybody must have coins, physical coins like an insurance policy, and history has proven over and over again that gold is one of the best ways to hedge the portfolio – that is, protect it when stock markets fail everywhere. unlike paper money, gold is valuable at all times, but how do we invest in gold today? “Jim says he does not sell but does not buy at the moment” I have been in possession of gold for many, many years, I sold. I have not bought gold since 2010. When the time comes, Jim believes that gold coins are the best way to buy gold. But if you want to make big profits, look at gold futures and gold-producing companies. You must have physical gold. Then the gold futures are the best way if you want to make money and you are a good trader. Gold futures, this is where you get the biggest lever.

“Whatever happens, have a few coins in the closet, are always useful!”

Source: Bloomberg Pro Terminal


 Trader Georgi Bozhidarov

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