McConnell: The Trump impeachment is the Democrats’ biggest political mistake

The National Prayer Breakfast is held every year. An event at which the ruling party makes a statement to the nation, and the opposition usually tries to express its dissatisfaction with the ideas of the party and its principles of government.

And at yesterday’s National Prayer Breakfast, Trump did not mention “dishonest and corrupt personalities.” After the allegations were dropped and impeachment was terminated, Trump expressed his outrage at his opponents. Most notably to Senate spokesman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Mitt Romney.

To them, Trump said, “I don’t like people who use their sense of justice for actions that they themselves are wrong. Neither do I like people who say ‘I pray for you,’ knowing they don’t really do it.”

Of course, in his speech he did not miss out on the strong economic growth, and that the US markets are on record.

Before FOX NEWS Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell said the Democrats’ impeachment ricocheted toward them. That this united the Republicans behind the leader – Trump.

McConnell said Democrats made a “colossal political mistake” that would do them harm in the short term. And cost them the presidential election in November.

“It was a very difficult and risky political maneuver. It was stupid, it gave back.” says McConnell.

Following Trump’s address to the Senate on Tuesday, Nancy Pelosi tore her copy of the US president’s speech. McConnell condemned her action as extremely immature.

McConnell did not forget to mention Mitt Romney, the only Republican to vote to remove Trump from office. Despite the disappointment, McConnell said he would count on his full support for the November election.

 Trader Martin Nikolov

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