Morning report: Oil rising, gold cheaper

Oil rose for a second day, increasing biggest rally from October 2012 onwards, after Saudi Arabia announced that crude oil will rebound against the background of global economic growth. Brent futures rose by 1.5%. Oil fell more than 20 percent since OPEC, issued a statement that will not reduce yields. Brent for the February delivery rose 92 cents to $ 62.30 a barrel. It fell by 44% this year, which is the biggest drop since 2008. West Texas Intermediate for February rose to 78 cents to 57.91 a barrel, while the January delivery traded at a price of $ 56.52 per barrel, which is $ 2.41 more expensive. OPEC unlikely to cut oil supplies in future periods, as now all Member States provide about 30.56 million barrels per day, against the background of supplies from the US, which are about 9.14 million barrels per day.

Gold fell amid speculation that the Federal Reserve is close to the increase in interest rates and a strong dollar. Kilchetata for immediate delivery fell more than 2.2 percent last week, which was the first in a downward direction in a month. Last week, the Fed removed the phrase “indefinitely” on interest rates, which prompted speculation that the increase in interest rates is getting closer and may become earlier than expected periods. This has strengthened the dollar while negative for gold, as it reached a price of 1 183.89. Gold for the February delivery traded at 197.40 dollars 1, noting an increase of 0.4%. Silver for immediate delivery depreciated by 0.6% to 15.99 after Friday closed with 1.3% growth. The precious metal fell 5.6 percent last week as it was the first negative week in a month. Platinum saw a slight change in 1199 after 2.5% -This fall last week. The price of palladium rose by 0.3% to $ 808.90 an ounce.

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