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Introducing broker (IB)

Our Introducing Broker program offers an excellent opportunity for financial firms and wishing to receive a stable income from FOREX and CFDs markets.This partnership enables you to provide your customers access to international financial markets, without the need to meet the costs of back-office and other additional charges.Varchev Finance offers a variety of financial instruments, which will help you grow your business and fully satisfy customer needs.

White Label partnership

White Label partnership enables introducing brokers to brand platforms Varchev Financial Group with its own colors and logos. This partnership helps brokers and financial firms to take advantage of our - automatic execution, class trading service, without slippage, guaranteed limit orders. Without the need to meet all the costs associated with establishing excellent working business. As a White Label Partner You have the ability to increase your market share, expanding its commercial portfolio.

Why Varchev Finance:

Varchev Finance is a leading financial and investment company offering first-rate brokerage services on the capital markets, investment brokerage and consulting. As a leader in the foreign exchange (FOREX) and contracts for difference (CFDs), we provide:

  • automatic execution
  • execution without slippage
  • Guaranteed limit orders

Benefits of White Label Partnership:

  • No risk and no cost to you
  • Earn additional income
  • Expand market share
  • White Label partnership with us will help you to fully answer the needs of your customers

Our responsibility is to provide top-notch service brokerage and provide branded platform according to your needs. Varchev Financial Group assumes 100% of the financial risk.

Advantages of the "Introducing Broker" program:

  • Convenient way to expand your business
  • Take advantage of the FOREX market
  • Flexible yield
  • Become part of the fastest-growing sector

Become part of our business and win the dynamics of developing financial markets.

Contact us on tel: +359 52 63 40 40
or e-mail: [email protected]
Varchev Finance is authorized and regulated by the Financial Supervision Commission - Sofia, License number RG-03-02-05/15.03.2006.

As a White Label Partner your responsibilities are:

  • Consult clients about trading rules on FOREX and CFDs or other issues related to trade
  • Open trading account
  • Keep excellent company reputation
  • White Label partnership with us will help you to fully answer the needs of your customers

If you are interested in a White Label Partnership with us or would like additional information, contact us at +359 52 63 40 40 or send an e-mail: [email protected]


Each IB, holding the “Customer Attraction Agreement” with Varchev Finance Ltd. must bring no less than 4 active clients (who has not less than 1.5 transactions per day for not less than 0.2 lots) within 45 days from the date of signing the agreement.
If the IB has not fulfilled this requirement, Varchev Finance Ltd. has a right not pay the commissions.
In this case, it is assumed that the customer meets the condition only under the "Bring a Friend" program.
In this case, Varchev Finance Ltd. reserves the right to remove any commissions charged on account of the IB, however, will pay the commission for the program “Bring a Friend” for one client.