Real Wall Street fortunes are made of borrowed Benjamins and hard work

When 17-year-old teenager from Quinn says he has made 72 million from trading and people believe him, then people do not understand how they work Finance.

To be successful on Wall Street do not have to be a genius, but you should be able to do things that young people of 17 years do: borrow money. Lot of money with low interest rates. To make money, you need money, and how to make money is the real game of Wall Street. Almost no difference with ordinary bets such as lottery tickets or betting on horses. To make 72 million, should start with many more hundreds of millions. One of the rules on Wall Street is not to cite the 17-year-old boy from Queens.

If you want to trade, you need a very large amount of finances on your side. Here the two options: You rich people or find a bank.

Hedge fund managers are rich people. They invest a lot of years with large quantities. How to attract wealthy? With promises. Such a return of money to big profits math, computers and so on. Then they invest their money, as are traders, accountants, lawyers and computer specialists. They create companies then zalagat.Sled by betting a position they invest a huge amount of time on the phone speaking with economists, politicians, analysts, bankers and experts, as well as this monitor their bets. At the end of the year if those bets were good, they just make the rich even richer.

Another option is to make money by working in a bank. Banks have enough money. Traders in banks start with a small amount, but only after the show as good ones, present the necessary documents for education, knowledge and practices banks start to lend them more and more money for trading. It is difficult to imagine a bank that can allocate such amount of money, a 17-year-old to make 72 million for himself.

Whether you work in a bank or hedge fund will have, you have to invest a lot of time, effort and a huge amount of work to learn how to make money-laundering.

In fact, there is a third way to provide a large amount of money: lie that you made 72 million from trading. 17-year-olds know how it!

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