Rich, single and all billionaires : 5 eligible bachelors

Women will wanna love ’em, and men will wanna be ’em.

For those looking for a little love, and a lot of money, this Valentine’s Day, Wealth-X compiled a list of the richest bachelors around the world.

They’re all single. They’re all under 35. And they’re all billionaires. So if a 10-figure fortune is your top priority for a love interest, here are the people you might want to send a Valentine’s greeting.

1. Scott Duncan

Age: 32
Net worth: $5.5 billion
Nationality: American
Source of wealth: Inheritance
Who he is: Duncan is the Houston, Texas-based only son of the Duncan family, which made its money through energy company Enterprise Products .

2. Thomas Persson

Age: 30
Net worth: $2.8 billion
Nationality: Swedish
Source of wealth: Inheritance
Who he is: Persson is the third-generation scion of the H&M retail brand and the son of Sweden’s richest man, Stefan Persson.

3. Evan Thomas Spiegel

Age: 24
Net worth: $1.7 billion
Nationality: American
Source of wealth: Self-made
Who he is: Spiegel is the Los Angeles-born, Stanford-educated founder and CEO of mobile application Snapchat.

4. Carl Erik Hagen

Age: 27
Net worth: $1.7 billion
Nationality: Norwegian
Source of wealth: Inheritance
Who he is: Hagen is the Switzerland-based only son and heir to Norway’s Canica holding company empire.

5. Prince Albert II Maria Lamoral Miguel Johannes Gabriel von Thurn und Taxis

Age: 31

Net worth: $1.5 billion
Nationality: German
Source of wealth: Inheritance/self-made
Who he is: Von Thurn und Taxis, the 12th prince in his family’s line, is a well-known German aristocrat and champion racing car driver.

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