Some of the most successful traders’ bets of all time

1) John Paulson – bet against subprime mortgages

Paulson, correctly predicted the subprime crisis and fortune from it. His pledge brings hedge fund his 15 billion in just one year (2007). This led to extraordinary prominence John and his fund currently is the third largest in the world.

2) Jesse Livermore and his signal for the crisis in 1929.

Jessie is famous for its correct prediction of crises of 1907 and 1929, after the second follows the “Great Depression”, which is the biggest economic event of the US 20th century. For proper forecast in 1907, Livermore makes $ 3 million, which is about 75 million dollars today, and for that of 1929, it makes 100mln. dollars, which is 1.2 billion dollars today. It is important to note that Jesse made his fortune without a hedge fund, and also had large amounts of resources such as those currently modern traders.

3) The incursion of the John Templeton in Japan

In 1960, when Japan began its boom, which then continued for over three decades, Sir John Templeton is one of the first to boldly invest more than 60% of its fund assets in Japanese. Before the brilliant forecast for growth of assets in Japan, he correctly assesses the economic impact of World War II. In 1939, he put all his $ 100 104 US stocks, which are traded under $ 1. After four years shares increased fourfold.

4) Short Paul Tudor Jones in “Black Monday”

Paul Tudor Jones predicted correctly and take advantage of so “Black Monday” in 1987. When the stock market makes its largest decline (in percentage terms) for one day. After bet against Dow Jones IA Jones tripled their money, making more than 100 million.

5) The defeat of the Bank of England by George Soros

Soros is one of the men put a hedge fund INDUSTRIAL map in 1992. after he broke the Bank of England. He bet 10 billion pound meetings and forced Britain to withdraw from the European exchange rate mechanism. One day George Soros made $ 1.2 billion. One of the people who help this happen is Drakenmilar Stanley, who also makes a bet against the pound at the same time, like many other investors, which Soros has maintained ties to become reality this speculation.

6) Andrew Hall and his forecast for the 100 dollar price of oil

In 2003, oil traded at a price of $ 30 a barrel, and the economy was recovering from the dot-com boom. During this time, Andrew Hall predicts an oil price of $ 100 a barrel. In 2008 when oil was trading at around $ 100 a barrel, Hall returned by Citigroup over 100 million. Dollars as part of their compensation in this and other successful transactions. According to some sources in the contract Hall there was a clause that says that if the price hits $ 100 for five years, it will not take a penny.

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