Stanley Druckenmiler: The road to wealth

Stanley Druckenmiller is an investor who has a similar trading style as George Soros, taking a group of stocks long group of stocks short and use leverage to trade futures and currencies. For years, Druckenmilerr complained that the markets have taken him too much time, energy and alertness him. And after 30 years, he finally feels ready to slow down.

Here’s a lesson for a successful career over 30 years in financial markets

Size matters
Size matters. But not in the way you would think. But the larger, the more difficult it becomes to implement clean style of trading. The size becomes a headache this is an obstacle for faster entry and sometimes a big hurdle to get out.

Success wants hard work
To stay on top, you have to be aggressive. To become and remain great need to study for hours and keep a fierce competitive concentration. The secret of success in terms of trade may be a tireless, insatiable and undying thirst for information and knowledge. Because there will be certain situations where you absolutely understand what motivates each buyer and seller will have a pretty good idea of what will happen, but simply requires a huge amount of hard work and dedication to find all pieces of information .

So to be great takes a lot of effort, fragments of other hand you really do well in the markets should really loves the game. When it comes to trade and investment, those who do not love the game are constantly one step behind those who love her. For traders, without passion – or lack of passion – trading is difficult and exhausting work, which do not exceed the top downwards.

For traders who likes all aspects of trade, on the other hand, it becomes a most interesting and enjoyable job you can imagine. The intensity of commitment makes the harness light and darkness light.

Trade and vocation is arguably one of the greatest concerts of the planet. Because there are a strange breed of people that there is nothing better than clash with difficulties and solve puzzles every day.

But sometimes it’s hard – damn hard – the way in which it can be difficult for an iron triathlete. Increased threshold for psychological pain and discomfort is counted as a “must have.” Love must overcome friction and joy to overcome the pain.

And that brings us to “Woohoo, I’m rich! Wait a minute. Now what?”?”

If you own the necessary energy, temperament and talent is undoubtedly feasible way to get rich.


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