Data from the economic calendar for the day

09:00 (GMT +3) Germany – Retail sales 10:15 (GMT +3) Spain – Manufacturing PMI 10:45 (GMT +3) Italy – Manufacturing PMI 10:50 (GMT +3) France – Manufacturing PMI 10:55 (GMT +3) Germany – Manufacturing PMI 10:55 (GMT +3) Germany – Unemployment change 10:55 (GMT +3) Germany – Unemployment rate 11:00 (GMT +3) Europe – Manufacturing […]

Chinese manufacturing activity continues to grow

The results of a private survey published on Wednesday showed that China’s manufacturing activity expanded and exceeded expectations in June, reaching its highest level since December 2019. The Caixin / Markit manufacturing Purchasing Manager’s Index showed a value of 51.2, with expectations of 50.5 from 50.7 in May.Data for PMI above 50 show expansion, while […]

Main factors in the presence of market instability in the coming days and month

Last week, the acceleration of the daily rate of new coronavirus cases in several US states prompted investors to rethink the upward trend after the governors of Texas and Florida on Friday, last week, urged to cancel some measures to resume business. However, there are a number of factors that also have the potential to […]

10 Most Profitable Companies in the World in 2020

As times seem uncertain and many companies seem to be on the brink of collapse, or have even collapsed due to the pandemic, let’s change tactics and take a look at the 10 most profitable companies in the world in 2020. There is a difference between the biggest companies in the world and the most […]

Peter Navarro: “China trade deal is over”

told “The Story” Monday that President Trump has decided to terminate the China trade deal as intelligence officials grow increasingly confident that the coronavirus pandemic originated in a Wuhan laboratory. “It’s over,” Navarro told host Martha MacCallum.”Here’s the turning point,” he explained. “They came here on January 15th to sign that trade deal, and that was a full two months after they knew the virus was […]

In a full recovery scenario, the price of silver will take a path to…

On March 18, the gold-silver ratio, which simply shows how many ounces of silver it takes to buy an ounce of gold, reached an extremely high level that has never been seen before. In general, the ratio tends to rise during uncertain times, as investors stick to gold, and if there have ever been uncertain […]

Demand for gold will rise as hedging in fears of rising inflation

Cash flow could shift sharply to gold, given that the recent explosion in government spending and stimulus from central banks may finally wake inflation from its distant decline. With the global economy forecast to shrink by 6% this year, it may seem like a strange time to worry about inflation. Certainly enough, market measurements suggest […]