MIT: There’s a 70% chance that a recession will hit in the next six months

The researchers created an index comprised of four factors and then used the Mahalanobis distance — a measure initially used to analyze human skulls — to determine how current market conditions compare to prior recessions. “The Mahalanobis distance was originally conceived to measure the statistical similarity of the values of a set of dimensions for […]

A Fed rate cut in 2020 is now on the table

As coronavirus spreads, market participants are trying to assess whether global central banks will make a concerted effort to stem the damage in their respective economies by leveraging monetary policy tools. The People’s Bank of China kicked things off  in an effort to boost liquidity as Asia stocks plunged on the first trading day after […]

FTC chase Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Google

The Federal Trade Commission is looking into past acquisitions made by major tech companies, the agency announced in a press release Tuesday. The FTC said it had sent orders to Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google’s parent company, Alphabet, asking for “information about prior acquisitions not reported to the antitrust agencies” the companies may have […]

Can Google acquire Tesla for $ 1,500 a share

Tesla could be an attractive acquisition target for Google. Taking into account Google’s current market cap of $1 trillion, the combined entity could be worth north of $2.5 trillion. What Tesla would stand to gain: Google’s software muscle and large cash pile increase Tesla’s chances of executing well in a larger space. We outline a […]

Jim Cramer: Here comes the panic, but don’t rush to buy the dip

That’s how Jim Cramer described Monday’s sharp selloff in the stock market, which is shaping up to be the worst we’ve seen in several months amid mounting fears of the spread of the coronavirus. So is it time for a little bottom-fishing ahead of a very crowded docket of earnings report in the coming days? […]

If the additional tariffs come into force, a 10% or 15% correction may follow

President Trump’s comment that he had no deadline on a China deal has predictably thrown markets into a tizzy, as the self-imposed deadline of Dec. 15 for additional tariffs is now less than two weeks away. The market is now grappling with the likelihood of no trade deal, but the critical issue is tariffs. I […]

Stocks Will Plunge 18% by Year-End Despite Fed Rate Cuts

Investors are widely anticipating that the Federal Reserve will announce a new round of interest rate cuts today, but several prominent market strategists nonetheless see a big stock market selloff in the near future. Peter Cecchini of Cantor Fitzgerald expects the S&P 500 Index to be at 2,500 by early 2020, a plunge of about […]

Ian Harnett: We could see a “really sharp correction” within the next 18 months

Global recession risks are on the rise and we could see a “really sharp correction” within the next 18 months, according to Ian Harnett, chief investment strategist at Absolute Strategy Research. Harnett suggested that the U.S. Federal Reserve is worried that economic growth will slow and unemployment will rise, leading the central back toward “insurance […]

Walgreens catches the eye of Warren Buffett

Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc is reportedly evaluating an offer to sell itself to private equity giant KKR, and Warren Buffett could insert himself into the saga, a portfolio manager told. Wall Street analysts and the financial media community are almost unified in speculating that a KKR acquisition of Walgreens won’t play out, Cole Smead, managing […]