The Greatest Ever Retail Stock Trader

Today I want to write about who I believe is beyond a shadow of a doubt, the greatest (ordinary) retail trader who ever lived. Now by ordinary, what I am talking about is an individual who did not go on to create an Investment Fund as a result of his initial institutional trading. This is […]

Buffett is bullish on stocks but says the market can drop 50%

There is a gem in Buffett’s annual letter, which was released over the weekend, that nobody is talking about. He writes: “Anything can happen to stock prices tomorrow. Occasionally, there will be major drops in the market, perhaps of 50% magnitude or even greater.” He continues that the combination of what he calls “The American […]

Ray Dalio: “The World Has Gone Mad and the System Is Broken.”

Central banks have been giving cheap money to investors who have been injecting it into companies that are often unprofitable and don’t contribute to economic growth, says billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio. “The system of making capitalism work well for most people is broken,” he wrote. The founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest […]

Bill Gross: Cheap is not always cheerful in value investing

Financial jargon regularly includes reassuring sound bites for investors to hide behind to achieve a sense of portfolio security. Over time these become established collective wisdom that remains unchallenged — with potentially dangerous consequences for investors. Chief among them are investments described as cheap and recommended to investors for that very reason. This sound bite […]

Carl Icahn with big bet against mall owners

Investors have lost hundreds of millions of dollars wagering that struggling mall owners won’t be able to pay their debts. Those losses haven’t deterred Carl Icahn from making the same bet. The billionaire investor stands to gain $400 million or more if mall owners run into challenges servicing their debt, according to people familiar with […]

Bill Gross: The boost from negative interest rate yields may have reached an end

Bill Gross warns that lower rates won’t boost stock markets further His argument that the past 15% rise in US equity markets is ‘solely’ because of central bank easing and that 25% of the rise since 2009 is because of cheap money. “But can bull market equities be sustained even with additional easing on the […]