Goldman Sachs: 20 stocks to buy before the earnings

Ahead of the Q2 earnings season, Goldman Sachs screened its list of Buy-rated stocks for ones that have underperformed the S&P 500 this year, trade with a market cap of over $5B and have an EPS estimate from Goldman that is higher than the consensus mark. Here is the list: Bank of New York Mellon […]

Insiders are buying HP for the first time in years

HP stock has been slumping this year, but longtime director Robert R. Bennett and CEO Enrique Lores recently made the first insider stock purchases in years. The company reported mixed first-quarter results in late May, but what really weighed on the stock were concerns about HP’s printer business and a more cautious stance on stock […]

JPM: 4 reasons to be bullish on European equities

1. On each of the past 4 failed attempts, the PMIs rolled over, from what were quite stretched levels to start with. That is certainly not the case this time around, where the breakout is happening while PMIs are relatively subdued 2. The breadth of the breakout could easily widen. Out of 16 countries that […]

Merck & Co. – Perfect Movement

MRK.US D1 Our expectations: Long-term trend – long and short-term correction. Price reached the lower border of this perfect trend channel.and an extremely strong support zone. The current price provides a good opportunity to build a long term long positions.… You need ・Varchev Trading Club・ membership subscription to enter this page. (19.90€ / monthly; 199€ […]

300 trillion reasons to be bullish on U.S. stocks

U.S. stocks have become a ‘safety trade’ There’re a lot of liquid assets swirling around the world, waiting to move as the market narrative shifts. Traditionally, when things get scary out there, the typical “risk-off” trade is to dump stocks and rotate into safer assets like Treasury securities and cash. But within big asset classes […]

Legalizing cannabis in Canada is getting closer! Here are the winners

Several actions related to the cultivation and processing of marijuana received support before legalizing marijuana in Canada. While the shares of most companies struggle with Trump’s tariffs or geopolitical tensions, Aurora Cannabis Inc. and MedMen Enterprises Inc. marked strong growth. Given the highly volatile segment, however, it is good to head to ETF’s instead of […]

EM-Bulls take advantage! Here are the most promising sectors

As for emerging markets, the bulls are finally beginning to take advantage. After the fall of nearly 25% on stock markets in emerging markets, assets began to show some stability stemming mainly from the declining influence of the trade war and the strong motivation of the central banks of Turkey and Argentina to protect their […]

Is there a new collapse of the RTS and the ruble after the US sanctions against Russia?

The United States has announced that it intends to impose new economic sanctions against Russia after finding that Moscow is behind the raid with the Novichok nervous agent against former Russian spy Sergei Scripal. Following the poisoning of former Russian double agent and his daughter Julia Scripal in Salisbury in March, “the United States has […]

Japan and China on focus during the Asian session, where is the profit today

It seems that the high volatility will dominate the FX market during the Asian session. This will be the Bank of Japan’s decision on the basic interest rate and inflation data from the world’s second-largest economy – China. At 01:30 we also look at household spending data from Japan. As the decision of Bank Of […]