Dollar index of key levels – Long opportunity at USD

The dollar is down for a third consecutive day, giving way to all currencies of the G-10. All this comes amid fresh fears about US tax reform. The last rally of the dollar, however, led to a key breakthrough in the Dollar index above the mid-term downward diagonal. The value of the index is now […]

Three possible outcomes of the Catalan crisis and how to trade them

The referendum in Catalonia registers 90% of the vote FOR independence. In fact, less than half the citizens of Catalonia go to the polls. On the other hand, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced that there was not have a referendum. In this article, we will look at how Spain and the financial markets will […]

Amazon faces €250mil bill for unpaid taxes – how to trade it Inc. was hit by a European Union order to pay 250 million euros ($294 million) plus interest in back taxes to Luxembourg as the world’s biggest online retailer became the latest U.S. giant to fall foul of the bloc’s state-aid rules. The European Commission on Wednesday also said it’s suing Ireland for failing to […]

What do we invest in?

Decreasing oil price levels below $ 37 – $ 38 would lead to stop of the extraction of shale oil, as companies are losing, because of higher costs for production. By keeping prices above those levels, these companies will continue production, which will increase demand and especially for shale oil. Furthermore, we constantly remain going […]

AUD/JPY:bulish three inside up candlestick

AUD/JPY: Descending medium trend and short-term correction movement, which is still in force. Down trend ends with a trend reversal formation – bulish three inside up candlestick Price above the resistance 81.18 former support and over 25EMA RSI crosses over 0 at the same time when the price crosses above the 25 EMA positive signal. […]

JPMorgan sees AUD/USD drop to 0.67 in early 2016

JPMorgan forecasts fall to 0.67 early in the year. Analysts at JPMorgan think the Australian dollar will bottom early in the year at 0.6700 before recovering to 0.7200 at the end of the year. “Australia’s terms of trade have fallen 30% since 3Q11, a compelling drag on the currency and nominal GDP in recent years”, […]

Directly from VF traders floor: EUR/USD

EUR/USD – downtrend, short-term short The price has crossed below levels of support 1.0814 – negative Negative indicators: RSI is below 50, CCI(50) is below -100 Engulfing Pattern on levels of resistance – the short continues To minimize the risk – waiting for little correction to 1.0667 for new sell The sentiment is for the USD

EUR/USD: Directly from VF traders floor

EUR / USD: bearish trend, short-term movement is also short Negative price trend  – lower top, lower bottom –  short Price is below the diagonal resistance, and below previous peak of 1.0764 Engulfing Pattern around resistance levels after corrective movement – a signal of possible new bearish momentum in the direction of the main movement The […]

how pro traders act: EUR/JPY

EUR / JPY: the trend is short, a series of lower highs and deep lows Correction to the diagonal and horizontal resistance levels 132.22 CCI (50) passes under 0 – signal a possible new downtrend Two equal bars of 132.22 – possible double top, a close stop. Sentiment: raising expectations the ECB to adopt new […]