Why Your Best Ideas Rarely Happen At Your Desk? (VIDEO)

Spend 80 percent of your time doing and 20 percent of your time thinking. This rule has been critical in helping me reach my goals; but as life has gotten busier, the 20 percent has become 10 percent has become 5 percent. I’ve got so much “doing” to do that I’m having a harder time […]

27 Wall street movieс we have to watch

1. Equity 2. The Big Short 3. A wonderful life 4. Trading places 5. Trader 6. Wall Street 7. Dealers 8. Bonfire of the vanities 9. Other people’s money 10. Working girl 11. Glengarry Glen Ross 12. The associate 13. The game 14. Rogue trader 15. Boiler room 16. American psycho 17. The family man […]

7 money mindsets that keep you poor

Money Mindset Myth #1 – A Penny Saved Is A Penny EarnedNot losing that penny by saving it is helpful, but it takes so much more than not giving that penny to the cashier to create meaningful wealth. In addition to saving, you must also multiply that those cents that you are saving to truly […]

How much sleep some of the most successful people get

We all need sleep. But that doesn’t mean we all require the same amount of shut eye every night. Everyone is different when it comes to how much sleep they need. Generally speaking, 7.5 hours a night is a pretty average number. However, many famous individuals tend to skimp on the rest, staying up late […]

5 Classic Cars to Buy As An Investment

Car shoppers and enthusiasts are always on the look-out for fresh concept cars and new production cars that are fitted with the latest technologies and a full suite of features that promote comfort and efficiency. The practice is never surprising- new production cars on the block are brand new, fun to drive around and an […]

9 famous Donald Trump quotes

He may be controversial, but the businessman turned President has had a lot to say’. Here are some of his more interesting quotes: 1. “Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game.” 2. “One of the key problems today is that […]

Six simple things succesful people do every day

Success isn’t easy — and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight, but there are a few little things you can do every day to make sure you achieve your professional goals. Some of the most legendary leaders in the world, from Elon Musk and Oprah Winfrey to CEOs of Google and Facebook, all view success as […]

The 20 most common hobbies of the richest people in the world

When billionaires have free time, they have the means for extravagant hobbies, whether it’s collecting classic cars or jet-setting across the globe. But the most common hobby billionaires pursue isn’t a display of wealth — it’s philanthropy. Research on the ultra-wealthy, recently released its annual billionaire census, which explores the trends and habits of the […]

Goldman Sachs: Unofficial guide of being a man

We all have seen hundreds of similar guides, but gentlemen at Goldman Sachs present a fresh and thoughtful look at what means to be a man today: – Always carry cash with you; – Forget about business casual. No khakis – only suit or jeans; – Never stay out three days in a row; – […]