A leading indicator for stocks is breaking down

One leading indicator for the equity market is breaking below a key support level, a move that could have negative implications for stocks. The iShares high-yield corporate bond exchange-traded fund, the HYG, has fallen below its 200-day moving average, which it had held above for much of this year. This move concerns Matt Maley, equity […]

It May Be Time to Sell our Stocks, Doug Kass Explains

Doug Kass: The market dynamic is growing more complicated … and risky. From my perch, we are, at best, in a period of high risk for the markets and likely limited returns. At worst, we are trending toward a trend change and, in the extreme, market lambs may be heading toward the slaughter. Nevertheless, much […]

What to watch for in Apple’s earnings

When Apple reports earnings on Tuesday after the bell, Wall Street is expecting CEO Tim Cook to make good on his promise to return the company to growth. This time last year, Apple reported a record quarter, with sales of iPhones at an all-time high. After that, it reported three straight quarters of lower year-over-year […]

JEFF SAUT: The most important driver of the stock market will change in 2017

What’s traditionally the most important driver of the stock market will retake its place in the new year, according to Jeffrey Saut, the chief investment strategist at Raymond James. Corporate earnings growth in the US has slowed for months, while the bull market continued and stocks rose to all-time highs with a few pauses here […]

Hedge fund managers are raging bulls on the rally

Hedge funds have jacked up their bets on the stock market to their highest levels of 2016 and cut back on short positions to a three-year low amid a blistering post-election rally. For the fourth quarter, the $3 trillion industry increased its net exposure — the difference between short and long positions — to 63 […]

Equity Market Winners And Losers After The Fed’s Rate Hike

Winners Banks: There is a long held belief that when interest rates rise, so do bank profits. Retail bank operations are predicated on net interest margins, which is the difference in the amount received for extending a loan to what is paid to savers. Since the Financial Crisis this measure of performance has struggled thanks […]