5 Japanese candlesticks formations that work in more than 70% of the time

Japanese candlesticks formations are one of the strongest criteria for traders to open positions. Here are the five formations that have more than 70% probability of execution in the latest market conditions /Probability has been tested on the D1 time frame using software on historical data and these formations have given the highest rate of performance/. […]

How we make money when the markets are falling

There is some signals or risks at the market that increase the possibility of correction of the stocks. The general understanding is that you win when the markets are going upward. Here are some financial instruments to buy if you think the stocks will decrease. Which are the financial instruments we can buy in order […]

How to make money as a pro trader in volatile markets like this

1. Check your ego – especially if you’re a male trader “Men can have an attitude with their ego that they will be ‘right’ about the market and that the results of the trade may have some implications about them as a person,” Gramza says. “A trading decision is a business decision and it has […]

The three true methods for Commodity trading

It sounds extremely easy … there are only three ways to commodize Commodities. But it is true. Of course, under each of these three methods lies a whole set of complex ideas. Analysts and traders always use one of these three methods when determining whether to be long, short or stay off the market at […]

Indicators used by Wall Street traders

Many retail traders are wondering what are the magic indicators of the traders in the big banks and market makers is. What is this great secret that gives them such a huge advantage. In fact, the answer will be quite trivial and surprising for someone, but actually bankers use only simple systems and usually only […]

Protect your portfolio with these defensive stocks

Mike Larson recommends looking for defensive stocks in these market conditions. It makes a lot of sense to him right now as he shares his strategy: Holding small, starting positions at Lockheed Martin. Lockheed is the largest US company in the sector with a market capitalization of $ 108 billion and 2018 sales of $ […]

5 major strategies for investing in stocks

For most investors, the best approach to stock ownership is through cheap, widely diversified index funds, dollar averaging, and dividend reinvestment. Several investors (often successful business owners, executives or scientists) prefer to select individual shares, building the brick brick portfolio on the basis of individual business analysis. For those few do-it-yourself investors, the father of […]

Early or late entry? The Eternal dilemma of young traders

What is better? Getting into a trade early to get a better reward:risk ratio and larger payouts or taking trades later with more confirmation and higher quality? This question comes up frequently in our pro area and also in my emails so I thought I’d share my view and explain what most people overlook. What […]

How with the help of the algo solutions can increase the coefficient of the success

Some jobs are noise-free. Clerks at a bank or a post office perform complex tasks, but they must follow strict rules that limit subjective judgment and guarantee, by design, that identical cases will be treated identically. In contrast, medical professionals, loan officers, project managers, judges, and executives all make judgment calls, which are guided by […]