Use Inverse ETFs as a Safe Haven tool in market uncertainty

Hedging is a powerful risk minimization strategy for equity investments that is backed by other assets in a portfolio. Inverse (reverse) ETFs provide low cost to investors wishing to fully cover their portfolio or a specific segment of it. Hedging is like a portfolio insurance similar to a home insurance or auto insurance, which covers […]

Seven Benjamin Graham criteria for value stock picking

Investments in undervalued stocks, unlike other types of investments, focus more on the fundamental part of a company than past price developments. In “Intelligent Investor,” Benjamin Graham has given details of the key criteria on which we can find underestimated stocks. In this article, we will examine Graham’s main seven criteria for selecting underestimated stocks. […]

Easy scalping strategy using Money Flow Index and Bollinger Bands

Instruments: Currency pairs EUR/USD; GBP/USD; AUD/USD Timeframe: M5 Indicators: Money Flow Index(8) and Bollinger Bands(20,2) Entry Long: When Money Flow Index is in oversold market below 25 and the bar closed below the lower Bollinger Bands line. We should wait for a bullish candle. Entry Short: When Money Flow Index is in overbought market above 75 and bar closes above the upper Bollinger […]

Jim Cramer: where your first $10,000 should be invested?

For young people, the biggest asset is time, so investing as soon as possible is the best choice one can make. However, the question “where to invest” remains open. Jim Cramer suggests young people to invest the first $10.000 into Index Funds. Index funds are the type of mutual funds, which are designed to track the […]

Strategy Bollinger Bands (20)

Before going into the rules of forex strategy Bollinger Bands, we need to know basic things about trading system: If the price moves below the average line of the Bollinger Bands 20 period, then the market is in a downtrend. If the price moves above the middle line of Bollinger Bands 20 period, note that […]

13 characteristics of a successful trader

1. Discipline is all or nothing One can not be disciplined up to a certain point and called himself disciplined. It’s all or nothing – you become a trader or not. Discipline must be exercised constantly and not from time to time. This does not mean to focus 100% on the day Trading – it […]

The Forever strategy

As trend timers, we would not have developed our timing strategies without first researching not only the strategies, but the history of the financial markets. What we found was that market trends are much more pervasive than most would think. In fact, trends could have been traded just as profitably 200 years ago, as they […]

How to determine the size of the volume at the opening position

The benefits of determining the volume of items are that help better control of trading rooms and the value of the portfolio. Here is how best to define the volume of items. Selecting the correct method for determining the volume of items affect your success as a forex trader just as determining the direction of […]

Tony Robbins tells you how to make money like a billionaire

After watching the global financial system almost melt down, I began an amazing journey several years ago to find a way for individual investors to take control of their money in a system that seems rigged against them. I vowed that, if I was going to do this, I would do it all the way; […]

To win you must master your emotions

Frank Kollar, who is a longtime market analyst and trader draws attention to the dangers when we are emotionally affected and trade. “Perhaps the most difficult thing in marketing is uvladeesh emotions, because as oil and water and money with emotions do not mix” Consider the charts of the stock market. Easy to see the […]