Money Flows before the start of the European trading this morning

ts were also trading in an upward direction. These optimistic sentiments are also being carried across Europe, where major stock indices point to a green start. However, news that the US-China summit will take place gives rise to investors’ hopes that a long trade war may be over, something that weighs on markets and the […]

What will attract the money flows next week 30.09 – 04.10

The trade war continues to rock the markets, with Trump saying Thursday that the trade deal is getting closer and closer and risky assets have jumped. A day later, however, we learned that Trump had authorized an investigation into something resembling capital restrictions. That sent US stocks close to their weekly lows of support, which […]

CAD lead ahead at the start of the European trading morning

The big story in the markets is the jump in oil prices after Saudi oil rigs were attacked by gut drones over the weekend. The attack destroyed about half of the kingdom’s production and this was reflected in a north-facing oil rocket. Profits were limited and the price was kept at Brent below $ 70 […]

Here’s what you need to know to start your week

Oil prices will react when markets open after an attack on a key Saudi production facility, amid uncertainty over how much global supply will be disrupted. Investors are also bracing for another interest rate cut from the Federal Reserve this week, as well as a flurry of rate decisions from other world central banks. Oil […]

Was this Mario Draghi’s most important message yesterday?

Is the Central Bank of Europe defeated? This will be a key question that markets will have to answer in the coming months as Mario Draghi announces new incentives yesterday. To balance things, these incentives have many pros and cons to both the bears and the bulls of the euro, but I think the most […]

What is the sentiment telling us at the moment

Asian markets remained generally in green territory this morning, with Wall Street momentum remaining where the US and China and their trade war fired the S&P 500 over 3K, with DJIA also rising above 27K. This is due, of course, to optimism that China has announced a list of non-tariff products until Donald Trump returned […]

Money Flows before the start of the European trading today

New solid start to the trading day, keeping the yen weak again, just like yesterday. Markets remain calm, with shares gaining ground, while bond yields are only slightly out of yesterday’s levels. Asian assets have seen solid gains, but the risk of sentiment has generally remained modest since the start of the European session. I […]

Money Flows before the start of European trading today

It is a quiet start to the new trading week, with markets looking quieter than usual. But I feel that things are going to change quickly, because after just a few days we have the ECB’s decision on the EU base rate (Thursday), with market participants expecting a 20 basis point drop in rates. In […]

Money Flows before the start of European trading

Markets seem calm for the moment after the rising optimism seen during the overnight’s trading. All eyes are on US labor market data, as well as a statement from Jerome Powell just before the weekend. The US economy is expected to create slightly fewer jobs in August than the previous month. The Ministry of Labor […]

European markets awaiting a breakthrough around Brexit

For now, a strong day for the dollar, which is making good movements against other major currencies. But I expect the session ahead to revolve mainly around the pound as the UK Parliament returns from its summer break and will vote to remove the no-deal Brexit from the table. This will force Boris Johnson to […]