Varchev Finance – Next week in one post 26-30.08.2019

A new tense week in the stock markets is coming to an end. After relatively good previous days for the indices, the movements on Friday became sharp and unforgivable, with the main stock indices registering atrocious losses, heading for their 200 periodic charts once again. Of course, on the front line again is Trump and […]

Yen remains higher at the start of the European trading this morning

The yen keeps the major currencies against the backdrop of the softer risk tones, with the shares remaining weaker before the session begins. This remains the main trend of the week, with the yuan also remaining under pressure in the trading day to date. This sentiment keeps the Aussie, Kiwi and Canadian back on their […]

Asia markets trades lower looking for guidance from central bankers

Asian markets are trading lower this morning as their US competitors are in a negative zone due to fears of recession. Japan’s Nikkei 225 fell 0.57%, while Topix weighed 0.79%. The yen is trading at 106.37 against the dollar, weakening from levels below 106 from the previous week. The session in Asia followed losses in […]

Goldman – Stay long on JPY into Jackson Hole

The yen provides an attractive risk-return ratio as the stock market key event approaches this week. Goldman Sachs Co-Head of Global FX and EM Strategy, Zach Pandl commented that it is good to keep the long yen against the dollar, the euro and the Canadian this week, due to the central bankers gathering in Jackson […]

Here’s what you need to know to start your week

This week investors will be watching to see how the Federal Reserve may respond to recession fears whipped up by the inversion of the Treasury yield curve. The Fed will hold its annual gathering in Jackson Hole towards the end of the week, with Chairman Jerome Powell to address the forum on Friday. The Fed […]

Money Flows before the start of European trading today

Good morning! The yield curve still looks as inverted as it did a few hours ago, signaling a recessionary economic storm. Investors and therefore indices do not like this – to put it mildly .. The currencies seem relatively calm at the moment, with only the Australian making a more solid move, against the backdrop […]

What to expect from the European trading session today

Happy Monday to all! The yen is starting strong this week, with cash flowing back to safe haven assets, despite the Asian holidays taking the liquidity of Tokyo traders out of the equation. In general, sentimentality remains quiet, with the risk that moods will try to outweigh caution. The pound also rose slightly earlier, but […]

Money Flows before the start of European trading

Mixed money flows before the start of European trading – the battle between risk factors and asset classes will again be a major and key factor today, with the UK’s GDP being the most important news of the day. After the recovery in the first quarter, the country’s economy is expected to stagnate in Q2 […]

Money Flows before the start of European trading this morning

New stock market day filled with risk sentiment trying to recover, while RBNZ completely shocked the markets by a 50 basis point drop in interest rates earlier in the morning. This causes the yen to hold its strong position, while stocks and bond yields remain weak and the kiwi is at the bottom. The manager […]

The perfect storm is brewing for the stock markets

With the new risks of a trade war, stocks are heading into the last weeks of the summer, vulnerable to withdrawal or even correction. The market dropped sharply in the last week, initially disappointed by Fed’s more aggressive comments. They were then obliterated by President Donald Trump’s fears of starting a new front in trade […]