Carbon emissions: Opportunity for a long with the trend

We are still seeing an intact long-term trend in emissions, but we are approaching a key moment – its test. The price has already reached diagonal support, providing the potential for entry with long positions. Aggressive Input (1): Entering Support after Confirmed Test and 78.6 Fib. Conservative Entry (2): Entry with a long after test […]

Saudi Aramco with pessimistic recovery forecast

According to DJs, Saudi Aramco have come out with a more negative view of the time they will need to restore their full production. According to the news, the recovery will take months rather than weeks. Oil traders expect more bullish sentiment when oil markets open.

What to expect from the OPEC meeting today, 13:00

The OPEC meeting in Abu Dhabi will take place today and is expected to start at 13:00 Bulgarian time. Note that the meeting is a joint one between the Ministers for the revision of the current situation with oil production. The meeting will include Saudi Arabia, Russia and other major oil producers. The meeting will […]

WTI with potential for short

Timeframe: D1 Instrument: OIL.WTI (commodities) Technical comment: Oil remains in the downward movement, and after a short period of short-term consolidation we have the first conditions to take a short position. We have a previous unsuccessful attempt to test the 200-period candle-hammer closure and knock-down levels at $ 57.35, as well as diagonal resistance. The […]

Risk-off, gold is trying to hold over $ 1500

Gold is again over $ 1500. Or at least the bulls are trying hard to keep the gold above that level. We have short-term consolidation around the new peaks and the area in the red, and for the moment it is proving strong. Today’s risk-off sentiment has forced investors to again resort to more defensive […]

The Kingdom is considering an option to stabilize the price of oil

Saudi Arabia has made several phone calls with oil producers. The topic was the possible opposition to the sharp declines in oil prices, bringing the WTI to a seven-month low. The kingdom does not intend to tolerate a prolonged fall in prices and the Saudis are discussing all options without naming those involved in the […]

An anomaly in WTI’s behavior over the past few days

Since the beginning of the week, the raw oil variety WTI has shown a strange pattern of behavior. In part, maybe a coincidence, perhaps a logical connection because of the opening of the NYSE, but the constant sale at one particular hour for the whole week can not be noticed and trigger our attention and […]

“Gold Fever” is overwhelming the investors

Gold, which has been criticized for lack of profitability and practical benefits, offers something that no longer offer negative yields – protection from inflation. In addition, gold is a great choice for hedging with this yield on bonds. Central banks, in an attempt to restart economic growth, are beginning to squeeze yields from government or […]

Gold jumps from $1400 amid weak US data

Today’s data on the US economy disappointed, with gold after rebounding at $ 1400 already up by about $ 16 dollars. However, the price remains within the framework of consolidation, despite today’s rise to the upper levels in the area around $ 1422-23, where we have a resistance zone. The range is still intact. The […]