The Blockchain revolution arrives in Brazil

Coffee farmers in Brazil will soon be able to use crypto-roll for their daily needs. One of the largest Arabian-based makers, Minasul, is planning to launch its own Cripp product based on blockchain technology this month. This will be a digital token that will be supported by coffee makers and suppliers. Farmers will be able […]

Oil with a message to stock bulls

Oil prices are generally a good barometer for the state of the world economy. In particular, the oil trend is of the greatest importance. When demand is high and the economy is strong, the price rises and the trend is rising. This also gives rise to an upward trend in the stock market. Conversely, when […]

Trump wants cheap oil, but IMF data show that Saudi needs higher prices

Saudi Arabia needs higher oil prices to secure its costs by stimulating the economy and this is contrary to the wishes of Trump. IMF data released on Monday show that the world’s largest oil exporter needs prices of around $ 85 a barrel to balance its budget this year, compared with a forecast of $ […]

Dr. Copper with early signs of a rebound

Copper gives signs of a possible ending of the upward movement. After the long range of February 26, 2019, we have today a strong downward momentum that reinforces the breakthrough of the diagonal ascending line and closure below the 50-year moving average. Right now, the price has stopped at 38.2 Fibonacci at a price of […]

Low coffee prices threaten producers

Coffee continues to become cheaper at an incredible pace, which leads to desperation by many farmers in Central and South America. They tend to abandon their farms in practice, raising fears of a possible crisis in the industry. “Volatility destroys the livelihood of farmers,” says John Steel, CEO of Cafedirect. Steel also highlights the fact […]

Oil holds above $60, but the rally loses momentum

The rally in oil is definitely impressive, but to continue, the price has to break through and keep above $ 60. This is shared by analyst Louise Yamada. Reducing world oil supplies this year has only affected bullish feedstocks, with the WTI price circling around a new five-month high. But due to political and geopolitical […]

Why is silver lagging?

Silver has already confirmed the claim that the correlation between it and gold is severely impaired. If until 2018 we bought gold together with silver, things are now quite different. It seems the reason for the divergence between the two metals lies in the weak investment demand for silver in recent years. Meanwhile, ETFs in […]

Palladium bubble popped

Palladium futures today collapsed by more than $ 100 dollars per ounce on their worst day for more than 19 years. The price has collapsed from a record level of about $ 1,615 per ounce to the expected huge leap in demand from the automotive industry. June’s Comex futures fell 6.2 percent today, holding more […]

Oil continues climbing after OPEC cuts take effect

Oil continues to record new peaks, and today’s day was no exception to the positive series. The yield cuts from OPEC and Russia are helping, but the price has hit a little below $ 60 a barrel, a level that is yet to be tested this year. Western Texas Intermediate (WTI) futures – the state’s […]

Palladium at new highs

The price of palladium has begun to rise to $ 1400 per ounce, after one of the world’s largest precious metal consumers predicted the “hunger” for the raw material this year. And the price really went over $ 1400 for the first time, setting a record. Johnson Matthey, in Platinum Group Metals’s market report, said […]