A sharp drop in oil after more than expected oil reserves in the United States

Oil fell more than 3 percent in five minutes after US oil stores rose 3.29 million barrels. Investors obviously do not reflect the growing tensions between Qatar and Saudi Arabia and the agreement between OPEC member countries. On the other hand, rising yields in the US offset all cuts by OPEC and this further pushes […]

Gold’s rising continues

The short-termed rise in Gold continues, as the price broke through the horizontal line, formed by the local highs during the week. Opportunities for a new purchases are available, following the test of the new resistance. The number of new gold deposits and investment demand such are at record lows. This fact is a serious […]

CORN: movement is long, correction provides good places to buy

CORN: medium-long movement Increasingly higher high and higher lows – upward price trend Break above previous peak and return to test 349 levels CCI (50) is above 0 – the movement is long, the adjustment test of 349 gives us good places to market positioning SL: 335 Stephen D. Angelov – Head of stocks trading

Why gold investors should look at silver too?

Silver prices hit a two-year high above $21 per ounce on Monday, as precious metals continue to gain from the safe-haven rally following the U.K. referendum. Some investors say silver has further to run and may be a better bet than gold. “Silver is a metal that most people don’t really think about when they […]

Gartman says gold is in a true bull market—and on its way to $1,500

Gold has enjoyed a spectacular beginning to 2016, and one widely followed commodities expert believes the metal could be on the verge of going much, much higher. “I think it’s still a bull market,” said Dennis Gartman, editor of The Gartman Letter, Monday on CNBC’s “Fast Money.” He predicts gold could finish out the year […]

Citigroup Says Iron Ore Rally Will Fade as Oversupply Kicks In

The global iron ore market faces increasingly severe oversupply, according to Citigroup Inc., which said the commodity’s gains will probably be reversed in the second half. Increases in production, including from miners that restarted output after this year’s rally, coupled with likely declines in steel prices, will combine to hurt iron ore, the bank said […]

Gold weekly outlook

Gold prices were up more than 2% earlier this week after Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen emphasized global dangers to growth and inflation, and thus the need to proceed “cautiously” on tightening policy. Prices of the yellow metal are up nearly 14% so far this year as expectations faded that the Fed would move to […]

Energy Sector’s Debt Bomb Ready to Explode

The clock is ticking ever louder for heavily indebted oil and gas companies, as well as for the banks with the highest ratios of energy loans. Many of these energy and financial services stocks are so deeply in the hole, they’ll remain toxic investments throughout the year, even if oil prices rebound. After a brief […]

Goldman Sachs: Short gold on market ‘overreaction’

Hefty stock market plunges this year have not been justified, according to commodity analysts at Goldman Sachs, who are urging clients to short gold which has found favor during this period of fear and volatility. “Systemic risks from oil, China and negative rates are very unlikely,” a team at the bank, led by Jeffrey Currie […]

Oil, weekly outlook

Oil prices remained under pressure amid uncertainty over a possible deal between the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and other major producers to cut output in a bid to reduce one of the largest supply gluts in decades. Saudi Arabia cut prices for its crude exports to Europe and Asia on Thursday, in a […]