Technical breakdown for Ethereum

Timeframe: 4H Technical analysis: Ethereum price broke down from the ascending triangle formation – bear flag. Minimum price target of this triangle is 82$, where the 2.236 Fibonacci extension of the breakout impulse is located. After it broke out from the ascending support, the price made a correction to the 61.80% Fibonacci, where it faced […]

ETH / USD – good possibility for a position after confirmation from price action

Analysis of the downtrend of Ethereum signaling for one more leg down. 1D chart is showing clear downtrend. Elliot wave analysis shown resistance level around the 38.2% Fibonacci – usually the 4th corrective wave, which means we should expect one more wave down (5). 4H chart printing an ascending pattern – ascending triangle or a […]

Bitcoin near critical resistance

Amid the high volatility we have seen on the financial markets, cryptocurrencies, preferred by many traders exactly for their volatility, mark another increase. And despite the increase of over 80% from the lows around $3850, there are signs that the market has not yet found a bottom. On the 1D chart the price is near […]

Ether with 110% growth since the beginning of the year, but will the rally wear off?

Ether has doubled in value since the beginning of the year, but technical indicators are also beginning to turn red for the second-largest digital currency. Looking at the GTI Global Strength Indicator, Ether is at its strongest buying level since May 2019. Coyne also accounts for 30% of the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index, which has […]

Altcoins come to life in the vast Digital Universe, surpassing even Bitcoin

The bursting of the digital asset bubble must have been the end of the thousands of horses that have emerged in the boom of Bitcoin. BTC has been up 40% since the beginning of the year, but there are horses that have even double that growth. Tokens like Einstenium and Kick, which were written off […]

$ 10K – The unbreakable psychological barrier to Bitcoin

Bitcoin managed to make over $ 10,000, but the euphoria behind the movement quickly evaporated. The largest digital currency reached a resistance level in the area at $ 10,000, with the price reaching $ 10 194 on Sunday. Earlier in September, the price had the same unsuccessful attempt to move above that psychological level. The […]

Tesla reminds of Bitcoin after the stock price failed to cross $1000

Gordon Johnson of GLJ Research compared the parabolic appreciation of Tesla’s stock with a bubble. The bubble, which really is “Bitcoin on Wheels”. Hyperbola? No. According to the technical indicators, the speed and size of the Tesla rally exceeded that of Bitcoin during its peak. The 14-day RSI is in the zone at 92.5. In […]

Bitcoin fails moving above $9500

Despite the recent rise in the price of Bitcoin since the release of the coronavirus, the price is having difficulty crossing over $ 9500. In the last three days, this level has remained difficult to break through and is emerging… You need ・Varchev Trading Club・ membership subscription to enter this page. (19.90€ / monthly; 199€ […]

Bitcoin’s safe haven rally starts to loose steam

Bitcoin is again trading at around $ 9,000, but indicators also suggest that the rally may be losing momentum too quickly. The GTI Vera Band indicator indicates that the price has come out well above the upper end of the indicator, which indicates that the digital asset is in an upward trend. However, such cases […]

Bitcoin remains weak before the Chinese New Year due to weaker demand

Before the start of the Chinese New Year, Bitcoin begins to experience a lack of demand. The largest digital currency is down 4% for the day, and altcoins like the Ethereum Classic is down more than 11%. Cryptocurrencies remain under pressure this week again because of uncertainty over regulations, which are expected to become even […]