Diversification? Almost half of Warren Buffett’s portfolio consists of one stock.

Warren Buffett once said that “diversification is a protection against ignorance. It doesn’t make sense if you know what you’re doing. “ Thanks to Apple’s stellar performance, Buffett now owns more than $ 91 billion from the iPhone maker, representing 43% of Berkshire’s total volume, according to figures quoted by Motley Fool. According to the […]

Wall Street closes in a strong negative mood

U.S. stocks fell on Tuesday as rising virus infections raised new fears of a prolonged economic recession, and the broad technology sector failed to repeat its rally on Monday and wiped out its gains in afternoon trading. A new report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development details the risk of the second wave […]

India has chosen a country in a technological cold war between the United States and China

When the Indian government banned 59 applications from China last week following a clash between Chinese and Indian troops on the disputed Himalayan border that killed 20 Indian soldiers, commentators called the Indian government’s response “comical” due to a lack of proportionality. However, the reasons put forward by India – “India’s security, sovereignty, defense and […]

Unemployment еxpected to reach highest level since Great depression

Unemployment rates in the world’s advanced economies will end the year higher than ever after the Great Depression and will not return to their previous levels until 2022 at the earliest, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development said on Tuesday. The Paris-based research institute, which serves the United States and 36 other countries, warned […]

Florida Covid cases rise by 3.2% vs. 7 day average of 5.1%

At the bottom of the hour, the coronavirus state data will start rolling in. Florida reported 10,059 cases yesterday after a record 11,458 on Saturday. There’s a clear trend for lower results on Mondays due to the weekend testing/reporting effect, so that’s in play. The long-weekend might further skew the data but it could have […]