Markets next week: worries about COVID-19 to continue, expect uncertainty to linger

Despite a good start in the global markets this week, they quickly changed direction after renewed fears of the possible negative effects of COVID-19 on the global economy. Economic data, which remains good and stable worldwide, fails to inspire the necessary confidence among investors. Even the idea of greater central bank intervention remains in the […]

Money flows again targeted to safe havens in the European premarket

Cash flows are again directed to defensive assets. Despite China’s attempts to control the Crown virus and stimulate the economy, investors are also facing a harsh reality. Cases continue to increase for both infected and deceased. European futures are down as we would expect a risk off session today. The market, despite the economic calendar […]

Nikkei225 futures up 1% due to impressive yen depreciation

Following the sharp depreciation of the Japanese yen, Japanese stocks are also expected to launch with strong increases. However, the situation in other Asian markets remains mixed. Investors are evaluating whether measures to stimulate the Chinese economy and actions to combat COVID-19 will be effective. The yen dropped to nine – a month low amid […]

FOMC Minutes: Current monetary policy remains in place

Highlights of the Fed Meeting January 28-29: We expect to reduce securities purchases in Q2 Risks to economic activity are relatively reduced compared to December We expect economic growth to remain stable at a normal pace The de-escalation of trade conflict, the reduced risks of Brexit and the stabilization of global economic growth Overall, we […]

US stocks to new highs, Chinese boost stimulus, Japan on the brink of recession

US stocks continue to rise after China announces additional stimulus measures. US data continue to perform better than expected, and the Chinese at this stage are able to persuade investors that they will succeed and control the epidemic and its negative effects on the economy. Chipmaker companies are rallying on the S & P500. It […]

Risk off, COVID-19 situation worsens, defensive assets go up

Europe Tuesday morning: Early indications for futures are red. Opening with a gap down and the situation with COVID-19 gets worse. Apple first announced that there would be serious damage to their suppliers and their Q4 results. The head of the hospital at Wuhan (the epicenter of the epidemic) has died. It is supposed that […]

The main macro events, driving the EU/US sessions

11:30 UK – Hourly average earnings index 11:30 UK – Employment change 11:30 UK – Unemployment rate 12:00 Germany – ZEW economic sentiment 12:00 Eurozone – ZEW economic sentiment 15:30 USA – NY Empire manufacturing index