Support for pounds during Theresa May speech

Theresa Mey said during his speech that the best days for Britain ahead. Here are the highlights from the speech of May: – Britain’s best days lie ahead – Is confident we have the visions and plan to leave the EU – Wants Britain to be more outward looking than ever – UK will be […]

This could entice buyers to jump into stocks this week

The first quarter comes to an end this week, and that could bring in buyers looking for bargains in some of the beaten-down sectors but also among the winners. For Tuesday, investors are watching a number of Fed speakers, including Fed Chair Janet Yellen, who speaks on workforce development challenges, and Fed Vice Chairman Stanley […]

JPMorgan: A Le Pen loss will be a win for European stocks

If far right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen loses the election, it will spur a “significant” surge of inflows into European stocks, JPMorgan said in a note Monday. JPMorgan estimated that a Le Pen loss will see at least 10 percent of assets under management flow back into the region’s stock markets. “We believe […]

Investors still positive on the global growth

Investors surveyed by Absolute Strategy Research (ASR), believe that there are three to four chance for thе benchmark-10-year bonds in the US to rise further in the next year. The likelihood of return of global stocks, to defeat the yield of the bonds is estimated at 74%, while there is 70% chance that global profits […]

S & P 500 gets support from its largest companies

The S&P 500 Index has avoided the weakness seen in many of its stocks because its biggest components are holding up relatively well. All but one of the eight largest companies by market value were closer to 52-week highs than the average S&P 500 stock. Source Bloomberg

U.K. Stock Volatility Bets Are Rising.

Financial-market stress has increased across regions this week, and among major European equity gauges it’s Britain’s that’s taking the biggest hit. Bets for volatility in the FTSE 100 Index have climbed 19 percent in the past three days, rebounding from a more than two-year low. The move is happening as the stock measure is heading […]

CREDIT SUISSE: Stocks could see a quick 10% drop

Suisse is sounding the alarm.The bank has an overall positive outlook on the markets in the long term, raising their end of the year target for the S&P to 2,500 from 2,300. However, the bank said its “equity strategy team has also grown a bit more concerned about the possibility of a near-term pullback in US […]

Jim Cramer on the sell offs in the market

Sometimes even the best stocks get hit hard by broader market sell-offs, and it’s natural to wonder why, Jim Cramer said. But most of the time, it’s not because of some underlying weakness in the stock that investors didn’t catch. Nowadays, market sell-offs can happen because of index futures rather than actual fundamentals, an action […]