The light at the end of the equity tunnel could yet be a train

A peek at global stock indices will tell you that all is well in the world. US and European stocks are at record highs after their coronavirus-induced wobble at the start of the year, while the benchmark indices in Hong… You need ・Varchev Trading Club・ membership subscription to enter this page. (19.90€ / monthly; 199€ […]

The Fed has not restarted its QE program – or at least not directly

Risky assets started the year strongly. Before investors were shaken by the coronavirus epidemic, world stock prices had risen by more than 10% within 3 months. However, this left many investors on the wrong side, as most were conservatively positioned… You need ・Varchev Trading Club・ membership subscription to enter this page. (19.90€ / monthly; 199€ […]

We expect the coronavirus to remain a major driver of the markets next week

We saw heavy selling this week because of fears of a deadly virus in China that has spread rapidly to other countries. The virus has infected nearly 10,000 people at this stage and has killed 213 people. The situation is aggravated by the shutdown and freezing of the Chinese economy, and the virus is expected […]

Safe haven assets dominate the European premarket

In the hours before European trading began, everything revolved around risk sentiment. Markets tend to avoid risky assets precisely because of fears and concerns about the escalation of new coronavirus infection. The yen opened with a ruckus, and although it is inferior to the dollar in the European market, it remains the leading safe currency […]

Risk off sentiment prevails before the start of the EU session

Market players continue to avoid risky assets, but not at an extreme pace. The reason is the increased risks of a complete, national pandemic from the new coronavirus in China. The stocks are down, which gives a boost to gold and bonds. For the currencies, this has a positive impact on the Japanese yen. The […]

Earnings season begins. Wall Street’s expectations

The 2019 Q4 reporting season begins today with a trio of the largest US banks in the United States. Analysts and investors remain positive that the reports will be some of the best of 2018, and that it is profits, not the liquidity tsunami, that will push Wall Street into 2020 Last year’s rally was […]

Trader’s expectations for next week

With the start of the new year, traders returned to trading floors optimistic. The week, however, shook that optimism as the Middle East worsened after the US killed a senior Iranian and Iraqi general in Baghdad. The revenge of Iran was not delayed by the attack on three US bases in Iraq, but there were […]