Early FX markets price indications

Early indicative prices for the Forex market open: EUR/USD 1.1405 USD/JPY 113.14 GBP/USD 1.3045 USD/CHF 1.0024 USD/CAD 1.3091 AUD/USD 0.7194 NZD/USD 0.6645 The market in these hours remains thin and the prices can easily change to the start at 12:00, expecting an increase in the liquidity after the opening of most markets. Especially at 02:00 […]

USD/ZAR: the risk of Zimbabwefication

Zimbabwe is a country in Southern Africa, most famous with achieving the highest inflation rate and most dramatic devaluation in history. One billion Zimbabwean dollar banknotes serve as warnings to any emerging market economy. The reasons for this crisis are complex but the main culprits are corruption (graft), lack of control of public finances and […]

FX Market opening levels

The lack of a basement during the weekend that will have a significant impact on the course of major currency pairs will lead to a start of trade and very thin liquidity. As long as the Asian interbank market does not start, we will most likely see weak movements, and speculation can not be ruled […]

USDCHF: Why the increase seems more likely

On a weekly chart we see that the so-called “Limiting Triangle” is formed, the name limiting comes from the fact that the price has to move in a given direction for a certain time and price. Also, the price must necessarily test APEX (the point where the triangle crosses) at least twice. Since we have […]

BOJ intentions to raise interest rates to 0.00% sent JPY to new session highs

It seems that after the United States and Europe, Bank Of Japan will follow the fashion for raising the basic interest rate. Currently, the central bank’s interest rate is at a record low of -0.10%. Although rumors only began to accumulate a potential raise of the base interest rate to 0.00%. In the first hours […]

FX option expire today – GBP with 2b reason to reach 1.3000

EUR/USD 1.1500 EUR 656m 1.1600 667m 1.1650 544m 1.1675 1.1bn USD/JPY 112.00 $660m 112.25 735m 113.00 634m 113.20 700m GBP/USD 1.3000 GBP 2.0bn 1.3125 1.4bn 1.3195 230m 1.3225 230m AUD/USD 0.7300 AUD 837m EUR/GBP 0.8850 EUR 355m 0.8900 688m Source: Bloomberg Finance L.P. Графика: Used with permission of Bloomberg Finance L.P.

The inaction of the Turkish central bank again collapsed TRY

Turkish pound is again in the spotlight with another new Low, which registers. The high yield on US bonds and the growing Italian one has led to a large sale of currencies from emerging economies, such as Turkey. The problem is not only rooted in global markets, but also locally in Turkey. Nearly two months […]

Emerging market FX Sell Off seems irresistible

It turns out that high yields on US bonds, controversial stock market growth and political risks will have the most negative impact on emerging markets currencies. The MSCI Emerging Markets index, which best illustrates the value of emerging markets currencies, has gone below its 200 moving average, with the path to 1650 levels looking clean. […]

FOREX expires options at 17:00 – EUR On focus with the largest volume

EUR/USD: 1.2200 €2.6b 1.2230 €1b 1.2250 €570m 1.2300 €730m 1.2400 €1.9b 1.2430 €840m 1.2450 €1.5b 1.2500 €800m USD/JPY: 105.20 $600m 105.50 $820m 106.00 $350m 106.50 $400m GBP/USD 1.3940 £450m 1.4000 £230m 1.4100 £300m 1.4150 £440m EUR/GBP 0.8830 €530m AUD/USD 0.7700 A$550m 0.7780 A$640m 0.7800 A$1.2b NZD/USD 0.7250  NZ$335m 0.7280 NZ$450m USD/CHF 0.9440 $460m USD/CAD 1.2850 […]

AUD/NZD the sell-off is likely to continue

AUD/NZD Our expectations: Opportunity for short positions from levels of resistance with stop 1.1115. The price is below diagonal and horizontal resistances. In addition we can expect negative sentiment as the price is below Ichimoko Cloud, Tenkan Sen and Kijun Sen. A pin bar and a strong price action below its base enhance the probability […]