Expectations for the pair EURUSD

Forecasts of major banks EURUSD range from $ 0.95 to 1.22 per euro. Perhaps banks are taken into account the expected and possible increase in US interest rates in mid-December. E.Dimitrov JrTrader

USD continues its FX market expansion

The U.S. dollar rose to a more than eight-month peak against its major counterparts on Friday, as demand for the greenback remained underpinned amid growing confidence the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates when in meets next month. The euro struggled near seven-month lows on Friday as traders looked ahead to next week’s European Central […]

JPMorgan sees AUD/USD drop to 0.67 in early 2016

JPMorgan forecasts fall to 0.67 early in the year. Analysts at JPMorgan think the Australian dollar will bottom early in the year at 0.6700 before recovering to 0.7200 at the end of the year. “Australia’s terms of trade have fallen 30% since 3Q11, a compelling drag on the currency and nominal GDP in recent years”, […]

Our way of thinking: EUR/AUD

EUR/AUD – downtrend, short-term short The price has crossed below levels of support 1.4727 – negative Negative indicators: RSI is below 50, CCI(50) is below -100 Engulfing Pattern on levels of resistance – the short continues Moving averages in bearish formation, 13ЕМА below 25 ЕМА To minimize the risk – waiting for little correction to […]

FX moods

These are movements in the major currencies during the first hours of 19:11 USD/JPY +0.09% to 123.57 (range 123.43-123.62) EUR/USD +0.14% to 1.0675 (range 1.0651-1.0675) AUD/USD +0.29% to 0.713 (range 0.7102-0.7133) NZD/USD +0.61% to 0.6442 (range 0.6466-0.6517) USD/CHF -0.19% to 1.0176 (range 1.0176-1.0198) EUR/GBP +0.13% to 070058 (range 0.7005-0.6995) Jr.Trader-G.Bozhidarov

Our way of thinking: GBP/JPY

GBP / JPY: the trend is long, the price is moving in the trend channel, support levels. The price broke the diagonal resistance and returned to test the breakthrough 187.33 – suitable level for long positions Indicators give us a positive signal RSI is above 50 – the movement is long Moving averages in bullish […]