USD/CAD – opportunity for short

Currency pair: USD/CAD Timeframe: 4h/1h Expectations: Downward movement Comment: On the 4h chart, the price reaches the upper trend line, playing the role of resistance. DeMark shows a downward turn after an upward peak in the overbought area, signaling an impending downward movement.For refinement, on the 1h chart, we observe RSI divergence, suggesting a possible […]

GBP/AUD – Opportunity for SHORT

Currency pair: GBP/AUD Timeframe: 1d/4h Expectations: Downward movement after the test Comment: On the 1d chart, the price has broken the main trend line in a downward movement, followed by a return for a test of former support and current resistance. Entry 4h after refining the bars. Expecting a pinbar – a falling star or […]

AUD/CAD entry SHORT after…

Currency pair: AUD / CAD Timeframe: 4h Expectations: Bearish movement Comment: On the 4h chart, the price reaches the downward trend line and resistance area. If the key level is rejected, the entry signal will be the closing of the bear bar after a break in down direction of the trend lines and 50MA.DeMark shows […]

GBP / USD – an opportunity for SHORT after “Head and Shoulders” confirmation

Currency pair: GBP / USD Timeframe: 4h Expectations: Strong bearish movement after confirmation of figure Comment:The idea behind the deal is after potentially executing the Head and Shoulders figure. The price is expected to reach Fibo 0.618 and the resistance zone, as signaled by DeMark after the overbought zone.After a bearish movement, break Fibo 0.5 […]

Forex Intraday: EUR/NZD 1H – Opportunity for LONG

Currency pair: EUR/NZD Timeframe: 1H Forecast: Upward movement Comment: Entering between strong support and resistance levels, as seen in the 4h chart.On the 1h chart, the price after reaching support is rejected, and DeMark shows upside move in the oversold zone.Placing Stop Loss under support at price around 1.7836.If movement is in our favor, some […]

Opportunity for LONG – USD/CAD

At 4h chart, after breaking the flag and retrecement to 50/200 MA, the price goes through resistance, which has been retested and already confirmed support. Long wick candles, rejected from the level, signal that buyers will soon prevail.DeMark is also signaling for long by entering in the overbought zone. Entry sign – closing bull bar […]

AU/CAD opportunity for opening position

The 4h chart at AUD / USD shows a mismatch in the RSI oscillator in the overbought zone and in price movement – a divergence pre-adjustment that will occur after the closing of the bearish bar below 20MA of the Bolinger Band. We will have the opportunity to enter in the direction of the trend […]

Opportunity for SHORT GBP/JPY

Entering with the trend after a deep price correction to the already broken support, which will be tested as resistance, as well as a level of Fibo 0.5. Upcoming 50 and 200 MA crosses and DeMark’s reversal in the over bought zone confirm the continuation of the bearish trend, giving us the opportunity to enter […]

EUR/CAD forecast with opportunity for SHORT

On the 4h chart, we see a shapely head and shoulders figure. If the price breaks the support level of 1.5220, 200MA and Fibo 0.5, the trend reversing figure will be confirmed and we can benefit by joining SHORT. DeMark also indicates a possible entry into the oversold area, which is for sale. SL – […]

USD/CAD – opening position after symmetrical triangle breakout (4h chart)

On the 4h chart at USD / CAD, low volatility and consolidation form a “symmetric triangle” figure. In this figure, it is not clear which side will break the price, but we can use it to get into position after breakthrough and, accordingly, close the bar beyond the trend line of the triangle. If the […]