Bill Ackman Makes $2.5 Billion ‘Recovery Bet’ Amid Coronavirus Tumble

Activist investor Bill Ackman said he has made a “recovery bet” on the economy, investing $2.5 billion in equities, including upping his positions in several of his portfolio companies and reinvesting in others like Starbucks Corp. The billionaire investor said he has taken off all the hedges that he put in place for his Pershing […]

What’s Warren Buffett’s Plan as US Stock Markets Crash?

US stock markets have crashed this year. The Dow Jones Index and the S&P 500 are in the bear market territory. After the rise on March 17, futures are pointing to a gap down opening today. Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway’s chairman, discussed the coronavirus a few times over the last month. Berkshire has been sitting […]

Warren Buffett: It took me 89 years to experience something like this

That’s Berkshire Hathaway boss Warren Buffett putting the recent market plunge — which he described as a “one-two punch” of coronavirus and falling oil prices — in perspective in an interview this week on Yahoo Finance. “If you stick around long enough, you’ll see everything in markets,” he said from his Omaha headquarters. “And it may have […]

Is a recession coming? J. Gundlach uses these three indicators to get ahead of events

Fears of recession seem to be in the background now, especially as 2019 is already behind investors. The yield curve is normalized, the manufacturing PMI indicator is above 50. The US and China have signed a Phase I deal, easing… You need ・Varchev Trading Club・ membership subscription to enter this page. (19.90€ / monthly; 199€ […]

Charlie Munger’s 5 principles for successful investing

“The current market situation is not as chaotic as Nifty Fifty or Tech Bubble since the late 1990s.” Many people assume by assumption that once the market has grown for so many years, we are probably in a bubble. Charlie… You need ・Varchev Trading Club・ membership subscription to enter this page. (19.90€ / monthly; 199€ […]

Ray Dalio: I think the coronavirus situation will go away quickly

Ray Dalio was of the opinion that the effects of the coronavirus on the markets were exaggerated and would quickly disappear. And undoubtedly, markets are at their peak. Investors’ worries about the pandemic “had rather an exaggerated negative effect because of the current period of fear, so I would rather expect an upswing from here […]

The climate crisis is about to bring a fundamental reshaping of finance – Larry Fink

BlackRock Ceo believes the climate crisis will bring a fundamental reshaping of finance with a significant reallocation of capital set to take place “sooner than most anticipate BlackRock’s assets under management totaled almost $7 trillion in the third quarter of 2019. His comments come as business leaders, policymakers and investors prepare to travel to Davos, Switzerland […]