Ray Dalio: We are in the final stage of the economic cycle

According to Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Associates (a hedge fund with over $150 billion in AUM), the current economic cycle has about two years before the next recession. In the week commemorating ten years since the Lehman Brothers crash in 2008, Ray Dalio reminded central banks that they should always keep track of […]

Gross Says Global Bond Market Not in ‘Rout’

Just because the German 10-year yield rose by more than 30 basis points over the past two weeks doesn’t mean the bond market is in the midst of a rout, says Bill Gross. “You’d have to see volatility double and triple and prices decline by two or three points a week in terms of a […]

Trader who destroyed Dow with 1,000 points

It took Navinder Singh Sarao long time to accept that he had been deceived by $ 50 million. Here in Wandsworth prison in London, shaken by a sense of anxiety and lack of sleep, the man called “Flash Crash Trader” realize this until spring slowly turning into summer on the other side of the grille […]